Rockstar and style icon Umair Jaswal set to perform for Coke Studio Season 12. This marks the seventh time Jaswal will be performing on Coke Studio. With his previous successful performances, Umair Jaswal is already credited for having Coke Studio’s second biggest hit song ‘Sami Meri Waar’ – a song thateven surpassed Ali Zafar’s rockstar and has currently crossed over 40 Million views on the Coke Studio official channel. Sami Meri Waar is officially the most memorable tunes in Coke Studio history.

Jaswal first appeared on Coke Studio Season 5 where he collaborated with Atif Aslam for the song ‘Charkha Nolaka’. The singer has since been a part of Coke Studio Season 6, Season 8, Season 9, Season 10. His songs include the solo track ‘Khayal’ from Season 6 which was later also featured in the film Waar; ‘Sami Meri Waar’ from Season 8 also known as the song that broke the internet for which the singer performed alongside Qurutulain Baloch; the Sufi-rock duet ‘Khaki Banda’ from Season 9 which featured Ahmed Jehanzeb; ‘Sasu Mangay’ also from Season 9 performed in collaboration with the legendary Naseebo Laal; and from Season 10 ‘Dam Mast Qalander’.

When asked about what fans should be expecting from Umair Jaswal’s performance this year for Coke Studio Season 12, the rockstar comments. “Rohail believes in the artist and he likes working on original music more than making covers. He really trusts all the artists he brings on board for a season. We’re doing an original song which is from the album. We’ve decided on doing an original because Rohail felt I need not do rendition, tribute or a cover for that matter. He wanted me to do my own music and composition. That’s very encouraging. So you’ll be hearing something original and interesting.”

Sharing how it feels to have Rohail Hayat back as a producer, Jaswal opines, “I am super excited for Rohail to be back. Rohail was the first producer I worked with at Coke Studio. I’ve done Coke Studio 5, 6 and a Coke Studio LIVE event with him. I can say without a doubt that he’s my favourite Coke Studio producer to work with. There are several reasons for it. One being that he’s the most open minded producer that I’ve worked with. He takes all the creative input from the artist. He does not like changing your song a lot. He believes in the song when you take it to him. He is an artist who has achieved so much over the years and is the pioneer of the show. We’re all very excited. If you notice the set, the lighting the sound from the teaser, you do feel that we’re getting the old Coke Studio back. Coke Studio has always been such a brilliant platform and I have loved working with some of the most brilliant musicians However, I do feel that going back to the original sound of Coke Studio will be exciting.”

Besides Coke Studio, Umair Jaswal is currently also working on a bunch of other projects including the soundtrack for Shaan Shahid’s film Zarrar and another new project close to Jaswal’s heart. Details of both will be disclosed at a later date.