With everyone taking to social media platforms, be it popularity, a trend or grab attention Pakistan illustrious celebs and every other person takes first to social media platforms to vent out or post in everything they have happening there and then.

(On a comic note this particular trend reminds of a popular movie ‘Deadcon’ released this year with a reasonable IMdb rating and about the social media savvy) Not to forget Ushna is on IMDb herself at https://www.imdb.com/name/nm6358322/

Just a few days ago, the vocal movie and telescreenactress @ushnashah/twitter chirped her response on twitter for the trolling she was receiving on the social media platform regarding her challenging a pizza delivery guy on his masculinity.

The beginning of the online fiasco


Contd tweet


Her tweet caught attention of hordes out of which numbers of netizens showed their responses in very mixed fashion. Where a whole lot dissed her – Shah Sharabeel’s sister – saw many likes to her tweet regarding the same. The Canadian-Pakistani actress in her tweets stated that the pizza she ordered at the wee hour of 2am got delivered by a guy who wouldn’t even come inside her house due to the fact that her pitbull (the dog) she was holding herself and constantly requesting the pizza guy not to be scared and come in ahead and bring the pizza to her. He remained hesitant till she challenged his manhood comparing him to a four year old girl as the tweet above shows.

Where several of tweets reminded her that Ushna was being elitist the tricky part is that ordering a pizza from an elite eatery is kind of an elitist thing where our country is concerned. Many found her words ‘sexist and demeaning’.  However, all said and done the matter got settled when she clarified her sharp words to better comprehension of those trolling her by posting a video clip on her twitter handle. Nevertheless, a whole lot seems to be trolling the video clip which has now become entertaining rather than an issue after her saying in so many words what she meant. We at Pakistan Life Illustrated leave you to be the judge of how the matter should be resolved.