We know him as a highly talented dancer but Hasan is also an established choreographer, director, event manager and PR man. That’s not all. He is a model son, a brother, husband and father. To his wide circle of friends Hasan is a social butterfly, the guy who has the ability to breathe life to any party. Pakistan Life Illustrated interviewed Hasan to know more about his life and work. Following are the excerpts.

Q: Who is the real Hasan Rizvi nobody knows about?

A: I may come off as a fashion conscious, social butterfly but deep down I am quite old fashioned with my ways. I prefer smaller gatherings at special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) and am extremely attached to my family.

Q: Tell us about your early years – education and your initiation in showbiz/performing arts.

A: I was born in London and raised in Nigeria… I gave my O & A levels in Karachi and went to York University for my Honors in Economics. That’s when I discovered that dance can be taught academically in Toronto were I pursued Hip Hop, Bollywood and Bhangra with an Indian troupe called South Asia Alliance. I learnt for the very first time what real dedication was all about. That year York University won 1st place after 7 years. It was overwhelming performing in front of 20,000 people. Upon my return to Karachi, I launched Pakistan’s first dance and fitness studio and was debuted at Hum Tele-Film Awards by Ms. Sultana Siddiqui.


Q: Were you always interested in dancing? What about singing?

A: Yes of course, the dance madness started much earlier in school. I used to take active part in parades, musicals, school performances, opening shows, annual shows and all such activities. As much as I love singing, I sound like a dead goat. Even that doesn’t stop me at times.

Q: How did your parents react to your decision to be a dance instructor? What was your first job?

A: Initially I lived two parallel lives – on one hand I was a Data Analyst at Shell, followed by Marketing Manager at Dawn News and then Sr. Account Manager for Ogilvy and Mather Pakistan. While on the other hand I started my dance classes, opened a school, started my own shows and now have ventured into full time events and PR.

My parents have been my backbone and if it weren’t for them today I would be sitting behind a million economists talking about stats and figures that would have bored me to death.

Q: What made you branch out into events and PR?

A: The opportunity really! Entertainment and Marketing are both my passions. What better way to utilise my forte?

Q: You have been hosting some top of the line events and are known for out of the box ideas? How does the creative process take place?

A: My team is brilliant. It would be unfair for me to take the credit alone. My team, also known as Gladiators, (from the television series Scandal) know that the standard run-of-the-mill won’t cut it. Be loud, be different, be unique and be BodyBeat.

Q: How and when did marriage happen? How has that affected your work and life?

A: Hina and I were childhood sweethearts. I was lucky enough for her to love me back. It’s completed me and I couldn’t have been a luckier man.

Q: What about kids? Do you spend a lot of time with them?

A: A lot is a relative term. In my dictionary No I don’t spend as much time as I would like to. It’s probably because I work 20 hours a day. I do make sure we do get a little quality time a day and spend the weekends together.

Q: You have often teamed up with sister Komal Rizvi. How would you rate that association?

A: Komal is my idol! For the longest time I was her biggest fan! However, I also wanted to build a name of my own once that was done I was willing to build on the association. Komal will always be a bigger star than me for which I am both proud and grateful.