Junaid Khan has been around for more than a decade now enjoying a huge fan following. Considered among the A-listers, Junaid has come a long way since his colt days. It wasn’t always as an actor that people knew him. He first won hearts as the lead vocalist of the music outfit Call. Here, Junaid talks to Pakistan Life Illustrated about his latest project Mohabbat na Kario which has just hit the screens.

Following are excerpts of the interview:

PLI: What’s happening on the work front?

JK: On the work front is Mohabbat na kario the new drama serial of which the first episode has just been aired. The shoot of the serial is almost complete. Perhaps, two or three days’ of work left and the full serial is complete.

PLI: Please tell us about the projects that you are working on currently.

JK: I have in the past done quite a few dramas for television and worked for an array of productions. One of my serials has just ended and Mohabbat na kario has just surfaced for the audience. There are other projects in the pipeline too.

PLI: What about Mohabbat na kario? How did that project come about?

JK: A project of Mastermind Productions ‘Mohabbat na kario’ is one of their latest projects from several they have produced earlier, consisting movies as well. The production house has Hasan Zia at the helm of affairs as the producer. The cast includes Hira who is co-acting opposite me. Then there are the famous Xarnish, Atiqa Odho and ofcourse Kamran Ahmed, whom I was looking forward working with.
When I was offered the character I found the right ingredients in terms of script, direction and production, all in all, I found it very appealing and opted for this project. Earlier, I had done a drama by the title of Kam Zarf.

PLI: Please tell us about your character.

JK: The character is of an emotionally troubled male who is raised by a single mother, of course, the mother has been practicing authority over her children all her life and the children do understand that she is authoritative due to the sacrifices she has made throughout her life just to raise them on a certain standard. The character I am playing obeys his mother’s wishes. This tears him apart emotionally as he loves Hira but his mother likes another girl. The emotional trouble begins from the first episode as you may have seen.

PLI: You have worked with Hira previously. How is she as a co-actor?

JK: Yes I have, Hira as a co-actor is wonderful to work with. She is very understanding and cooperates fully with the directors and producers. As an actress she listens and assimilates what is required of her in terms of the character she is playing. We are working together for the third time and the experience is wonderful.

Hira has made her mark working in quite a few serials and I find that she has honed her skills and become a seasoned actor which reflects in her work as can also be seen.

PLI: Your favourite co-actor to date and why?

JK: (Chuckles and says) I cannot name just one because they are all good and please I am not being politically diplomatic or anything here, I mean it. I have worked with almost all of the actresses I can recall. They all have their unique qualities and talents as performers and I share good chemistry with them. It feels good to be able to work with amiable and cooperative co-stars who behave and communicate nicely with you. Naming just one would be doing injustice to the rest of them. I would, therefore compliment all of them where their uniqueness matters.

PLI: One actor you cannot stand?

JK:I would not name anyone but this much I would say that it is a big turn-off when you come across someone who throws around attitude and exudes a pretentious aura. I have to tolerate them as I am not that harsh a personality, but it is a problem if anyone from your fellow-cast has tantrum issues.

PLI: What next?

JK: There are a few projects I’m working on, the most recent being Mohabbat na kario.

PLI: What about movies?

JK: After taking around six to seven years, which I feel is a very long time, I have ultimately decided upon doing Kamran Bari’s Kahay Dil Jidher movie for the big screen directed by Jalal Rumi. I had always wanted to do a movie with the sort of people I feel comfortable with and I find this opportunity giving me exactly that.

The movie revolves around a serious social issue regarding two people reassessing their lives in retrospect. Being a commercial venture it has all the elements of a movie for the masses and general public, for example there is a heavy dose of friendship and its values along with love, romance and relationships accompanied by songs and dance sequences – a bit of comedy and action as well and all that goes in a well integrated movie.

The unveiling of the movie is to be this month i.e. October. It is a real pleasure doing this movie.