Xarnish Khan the beautiful, headstrong female actor bubbling with life has recently been spotted all smiles behind the scenes of the drama serial Ishq–zahe–Naseeb, as Donia, airing on HUM TV. The actress whose latent talent was discovered by the same channel made her way through the tricky world of showbiz in Pakistan through her happy go lucky attitude and a dash of good luck following her.

The youngest of three siblings, Xarnish has already bagged a couple of prestigious awards for her performances. Playing alongside Sami Khan (as his boss) her character is a very demanding one, as she has built herself a business empire through severe hardships and much struggle – which in turn has made her somewhat snobbish and untrusting.

In an interview she described how she felt spontaneous towards life and work. However, where work is concerned, once she decides to take the role, she then gives it her best. According to many of her co-stars she is fun and a smiling female actress to work with. Though Xarnish “Donia” as her character goes in the serial, herself adds, that sometimes she can be difficult to deal with, as she is very choosy about the projects and roles she signs up for.

Nevertheless, none of this has hampered her constant progress through her choice of profession while she takes her progress in her stride and continues her successful progression in Pakistan’s world of showbiz, striving to give the best she has to offer towards the same. With Ishq-zahe-Naseeb well on its ascending episodes and the story-line picking up, do let us know what you think of this popular serial as it further builds up its crescendo.