Don’t we all just love The Body Shop! A platform where an extensive range of beauty products are produced with natural and ethically-sourced ingredients which are gathered from around the world. And NO animal testing! That’s the best part. With an outstanding history of 40 years, The Body Shop has been experimenting and projecting its vegetarian and vegan product line. It has been the first brand which took a step in order to eradicate animal testing around the globe. Continuing with its legacy, under the family of Colour Crush, The Body Shop released its wide lipstick range made by 100% vegetarian ingredients. It introduced a blast of 16 new and exciting shades.

The great launch made it to the surface on 6nd November 2018 at the Dolmen Mall Clifton. The range was revealed by Hina Altaf. A great number of celebrities attended the launch and added their glamour to the evening, admiring the new Colour Crush Lipstick range namely Nadia Hussain, Hira Hussain, Suzain Fatima and of course Hina Altaf. They lighted up the platform by participating in the launch, choosing their favorite shades, encouraging a lot of women from diverse backgrounds to try out the product.

November, 5rd marked the day when the Makeup maestro, Nadia Hussain joined the stage, giving away essential makeup tips to the people, portraying their finest skills live.

The Body Shop Beauty Fest continued for 6 days with special focus on body moisturizers. The fest presented the iconic Body Butters and the star launch of 2018, Body Yogurts, which are also a hundred percent vegetarian. Produced using the Community Trade Almond Milk, the Body Yogurts are absorbed by the skin within 15 seconds.