Shajar Management Consultant is a management consultant firm that offers business solutions to startups and SMSE. SMC offers creative business solutions in Marketing, Media Management and Human Resources and holds training workshops. SMC held a corporate lunch at their office and professionals from different walks of life attended the lunch. This was a networking lunch with people from start-ups, the media industry and business professionals which included TV actor and entrepreneur Tehreem Zubairi, Senior Producer Sana Hashmi, Arif Osmani, Director Osmani & Company, Saniya Zahid from Sugar Shack and Ghazanfar Rauf from Aesthetic lifestyle. They were briefed about Shajar Management Consultant as a firm followed by a networking session and lunch. SMC also works with Commonwealth business woman’s network in order to promote women-centric businesses.

At the Commonwealth workshop in Singapore held on 13th June Erum Masood, media and Asia adviser at the Commonwealth Businesswomen’s network said, “I feel optimistic that such engagements are an opportunity to bring young entrepreneurs and other key stakeholders together to tackle the challenges of startups and social enterprises and take forward a more cohesive and systematic approach to entrepreneurship.”

SMC and Osmani & Company signed an MOU to inaugurate SMC’s new project PINE Incubation which has been developed under the commonwealth’s guidelines to help entrepreneurs build new start-ups. This incubation programme focuses on young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and entrepreneurial mind set to start and to successfully run, their own ventures by providing training and mentorship and also will assist in developing business plan models which will support in building financially stable business. Erum Masood, founder PINE said, “Our vision is to develop the social enterprise sector in Pakistan through youth empowerment and women development. Youth development should be worked on at the government level.”

Arif Osmani, Director Osmani & Company was delighted and said, “It will be a great opportunity for Osmani & Company to work for the youth empowerment programme with PINE and to upraise and enhance the social entrepreneurship policy in Pakistan.”