This time from the entertainment realms comes into spotlight the suddenly heated controversy between the well know actor, singer, host, Mohsin Abbas Haider and Fatima Sohail, his wife. Fatima Sohail spilled the beans after much endurance according to her – bringing the entire domestic matter and abuse into public eye and seeking help from the masses. Some dissed her on her posts where many supported her stance – which is always the case.

When Mohsin Abbas Haider addressed a press conference regarding the matter he made his point clear in a lot of things stating that his wife was being a feminist and he had not been cheating and what his wife blames him for – adding that the marriage had come to an end.

Mohsin even went as far as saying that during the recording of Na Maloom Afraad, he came home for a few days to rest. As his character required action sequences he mentioned the same to Fatima to which she said Mohsin should try his action bits on her as she was on a healthy diet and could take it. What’s more, Mohsin also claims that his action sequences required a bit of martial arts too and so he tried the same on his wife. And it is these bruises that she got from rehearsals that she is now claiming was inflicted by Mohsin! Seriously!!??

How much of truth lies in either spouse’s words is a matter that has already gone into court proceedings of Lahore where Fatima had filed a First Information Report (FIR) finally and Mohsin Abbas Haider moved got an anticipatory bail of bonds worth 50,000.

The whole issue began when Fatima says Mohsin started cheating on her and on a confrontation beat her up. This later turned into a much more sour issue as she posted images of herself on social media platforms which got a lot of attention and a whole lot of reactions.

The big-wigs of court have assured that they will look into all aspects of the matter.

We wish the once happy couple good luck and hope this would never have happened.  Till further feedback watch this space.