Organikos Natural has introduced first of its kind 100% pure homemade Castile liquid face and body washes in Pakistan. Organikos Natural is offering four variants; orange, lavender, tea tree & blue berry as amazing natural skin cleaners, safe and suitable for all types of skin.

Organikos Natural is a local brand founded by Sarah Ashraf, a Karachi resident. The story of Organikos Natural goes back to 2016 in Santiago, when she was living there. The changing external climate and use of regular soap compounded Sarah’s skin troubles until her friend, a local resident, directed her to an old hand made soap seller. Sarah selected some of the locally made, all natural pure Castile soaps for her skin. Happy with her skin after the usage, Sarah discovered a newfound love for making all natural Castile liquid face and body washes upon her return to Pakistan.

We use a number of harmful chemicals in daily life and our skin is no exception. Organikos 100% pure Castile liquid face and body wash follows a cold process free from Parabens and Sulfates, making it the most natural way to clean your skin.

Known for its natural therapeutic properties, Castile liquid face and body washes are ideal choice for those looking to adopt a pure and natural lifestyle. Organikos does not use any animal fats, harmful chemicals or synthetic materials making it the safest choice for people with all kinds of skin.

Upon return, Sarah at first made Castile liquid face and body wash exclusively for family and friends but after the great feedback, response and encouragement she received from them, Sarah founded Organikos Natural in 2019 to sell her newfound product commercially via Facebook & Instagram pages through online orders.