When we talk about fashion and movie costumes in Pakistan, Munib Nawaz is a name that needs no introduction. He has designed for the ramp and has been featured in myriads of fashion shows, costumes for showbiz related endeavors to TV hosting and then some.
Pakistan Life Illustrated brings you the spontaneous conversation with the renowned fashion designer who feels he has evolved over time and definitely enjoys designing costumes/designer wear for celebrities and movies.
With quite a few blockbusters to his name, the fashion guru reveals his personal and professional achievements – how he feels about the broad vista of Fashion and Costume design.

Q: You’ve been designing costume collections for movies. How did that come about?

MN: I’ve been a big fan of movies especially the more stylish-cult-type like Godfather, Carlitos Way, Oceans Series, Interview With The Vampire, Reservoir Dogs, etc., and I have been involved with on-screen work most of my career. Year 2011, I think, Bilal Lashari reached out to me for a film project, Waar and rest as they say is history. I’ve been doing my bit to help Pakistani screens look great and create an impact in socio-fashion side of our country. I’ve worked on several films in various capacities and now with ‘Chhalawa’ I am taking a deeper plunge into carving a new niche of style direction.

Q: How has the ‘Chhalawa’ experience been? How different is it from designing for regular fashion couture?

MN: It is completely different from making clothes for everyday wear. I feel like I have the ability to make my eyes see things like a camera hence when I’m doing something for screen, I know what looks good under the given circumstances. I love the impact, fashion has on screen (any type) and vice versa.

Q: Who did you most enjoy designing couture & costumes for?

MN: Over the years, it has been a pleasure working with all the superstars of our country. They’ve all taught me things that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to learn. So as long as I’m learning I’m enjoying. Cannot name just one person.

Q: What else are you working on besides movies? 

MN: My shops. My ready-to-wear shirts line plus working on a really exciting collaboration that’s going to hit Pakistan in October – a fashion show and restarting my TV hosting activities. So lots happening.

Q: How’s it working with Fashion Divas?

MN: Divas are divas when they need to be – when they’re working, I haven’t come across more professional beings understand their importance and their jobs.

Q: Your most cherished moment last year / this year.

MN: Every moment! I’m a be-here-now person so I like to make every moment special. I feel extremely happy for all that I’ve been blessed with.

Q: Name one dream project.

MN: To be a part of the change that makes people become grateful, to not be greedy in the name of success, to be happy with love that’s around them, to be able to pass the message of positivity across the world. In short, Inspire better life style.

Q: Please list some of the projects you have featured in for Pakistan Life Illustrated readers. 

MN: In various capacities:
Mein Hoon Shahid Afridi
Project 021
Lahore Say Aagay
Music videos…Over 100
TVCS over 100…Give or take.