We are waiting as to how Mahira Khan reacts towards the severe comments made by the veteran actor Firdaus Jamal made about her.

In his comments he targeted Mahira – an actress who has been in the spotlight since many years and has made her mark via several commercials, drama serials, movies and even an appearance at the Cannes. Jamal surprisingly said that she was no heroine and just a mediocre actress. The 65-year old actor added that “Mahira is overaged and actresses of her age usually play the role of mothers and the likes, not the main leads”. These are some very harsh comments coming from a very senior actor of repute who has been a part of several projects ranging from character to main and supporting roles over a span of a lot of years. How these comments suddenly came about and what triggered them is something yet to be known. Jamal gave Mehwish Hayat and Gangster Guriya an edge over the sassy Mahira.

Contrary to his statements Mahira has been continuing to play lead roles for upcoming plays and entertainment projects. It is still to be witnessed how, if at all, Mahira reacts to these stinging comments made by the senior actor and a contemporary. Celebrities have been speaking up in favour of Mahira. We sure hope it does not turn out to be a battle on social media between the two. Let’s wait and see.