Zaoq Restaurant is no novice in the culinary and hospitality sector. In fact, they hold the unique distinction of introducing Pakistani cuisine in Doha, in a fine-dining manner which up until now had been a novel idea in that region. Within seven years, it has come to be associated with elegance and great taste, very much in the spirit of its name – Zaoq.

“We are also proud to have pioneered the concept of a Pakistani restaurant in a mall setting – a concept that has shown exceptional results in the Middle East. Hence, it was only natural for us to return back to our home country and share the success,” apprises Ammar Hussain, owner of the chain of restaurants.

The cuisine originates from the lands of the Mighty Indus River and is a culinary amalgamation of great civilizations of the Persians, Arabs and Indians. “Our success story begins with our ingredients; all of which are absolutely fresh including the produce, the meat and spices. We offer a versatile menu consisting of delectable bar-be-ques, curries, sumptuous biryanis and freshly baked naan/roti. Apart from chicken and mutton we have a range of seafood and vegetarian entrees in addition to the most tempting desserts and our very own bar that churns out anything from Lassi to Pina colada,” shares Hussain.

Besides good food, interior design, colour scheme and spacing are three crucial factors that add to the success of a restaurant. To make your venture a success you need to appeal to a diner’s senses — sight, smell and hearing so that they thoroughly enjoy the experience of being at the restaurant. And all these factors have been taken in consideration by the management of Zaoq.

The dining experience at Zaoq is just as much about the ambiance as the food. Each one of the restaurants have been designed by ArchTech, an architecture firm from Lahore headed by Yasir. Much attention has been given to Zaoq at Dolmen Mall to incorporate aesthetics, cultural imagery, comfort, lighting, and a spectacular seafront view. The colour scheme is kept within beige and neutral shades to give a sophisticated and serene feeling. Also because neutral shades play out really well with wood, it has been extensively used in the interior from dining tables to wooden rafters that so elegantly separate the reception from the main dining hall. “Our kitchen has been made visible to diners through glass walls so that our claims of impeccable hygiene can be monitored and verified by the customers themselves. The restaurant has a seating capacity of around 200 persons,” adds Hussain.

The city of Karachi will be a stepping stone for Ammar Hussain into Pakistan and “we feel honoured to be a part of Dolmen Mall in this endeavor. Our journey will then progress to Lahore and other major cities of Pakistan not to mention continuing expansion in the international arena!”

The sunlight streaming in through the huge widows adds to the visual experience at Zaoq. A beautiful view of the sea, good food and ambiance to match, what more could the customers ask for!