This challenge starts off by letting you choose between 2 different cards 4 times. The card you’re not taking will go into your opponent’s deck while he does the same. So you’re building half of your deck and half of your opponent’s deck.

This challenge is the only challenge where tactic and gameplay skills will get you through – you can’t build a deck, you can only make some choices.

Many tend to take the strong cards and don’t think much about it, but the thing is that it’s not only about the cards you take, it’s also about what you give your opponent and what your opponent will give you

Here are the most important rules you always need to remember:

  • Choose Cards that are useful and balanced
  • Don’t give your opponent counters to your cards
  • Don’t give your opponent good cards to use togetherEvery single time you’re about to choose a card, you should ask yourself not how strong the card is – aks yourself if you have something to deal with the most common situations, like…
  • …Barbarians are going for your Tower
  • …a Giant is going for your Tower
  • …enough air damage against Lava Hounds or Balloons
  • …etc. (other typical situations)Sometimes you don’t want to build up your opponent a solid combination – you don’t know what he has chosen so it could happen he will get a nice combo, but you don’t need to make it too easy for him.Pairing up a Valkyrie with a Musketeer can be hard to counter, so I take the Musketeer (I already have the Ice Wizard in this situation).draft challenge choicesI think you now got the impression what this duel is all about. It’s not about a balanced deck; it’s about strategical thinking when you choose the cards and then it’s all about making smart decisions in many gameplay situations – the one doing fewer mistakes will win the match.Don’t get mad if you lose a match; sometimes the mix will give you a bad deck and your opponent is lucky enough to make a good deck – you can’t prevent that for 100%, but you have to be careful in the beginning to not let that happen that often.

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