It seems that the veteran actor of acclaim cannot appreciate any new talent. Yes we are bringing you the update on Mr. Firdaus Jamal and no one else. On a lighter note – who else could it be!

This time the senior actor who has seen and done it all where the illustrious showbiz world of Pakistan is concerned, targeted the upcoming actor Imran Ashraf. Jamal during a show aired on a Pakistani channel – when asked by the host about the acting prowess of Imran Ashraf and his character in a recent flick – had nothing good to say. He dismissed Ashraf simply saying that “Ashraf’s acting wasn’t acting and it was a pretentious effort, he further added, that the young actor just puts an act”. What Jamal clearly might have meant was that as the world of today’s showbiz grows at a rapid speed the actors and actresses just don’t give enough time to study the scripts and moves but that again is something that falls in the domain of the director who in turn is pushed for time and finances. As the present times require the speed and need to fulfill the ever-hungry tele-screens, talent, directors and producers try speeding up work. This was not in the old times.  It can be surmised that this is what Jamal may have meant.

With present times, entertainment and showbiz projects ranging from screens to web-casts to Pakistan rolling out its own movies, it is an uphill task to concentrate on the elements Jamal made. However, Ashraf did not fire back, giving due respect to the senior actor. With his tweet he politely stated that he would try to be better and of a better calibre.

Earlier, Jamal had targeted Mahira (who made a special appearance for the PLBW last week) for her acting and looks calling her non-heroine stuff. Seems Mr. Jamal is not satisfied with any of the new breed of talent and stars of our country. However, with his critical comments Jamal has sustained a place by taking a negative stance. Whatever keeps him going! He remains in the news.

Let us wait and see who’s next on Jamal’s list.