‘Emerging Pakistan’ is a progressive initiative to build a positive image of the country and promote its culture internally and globally. The platform aims to showcase the very best of Pakistan’s arts, crafts, fashion, culture and music. It will also shed light on diverse thriving sectors in Pakistan.

The vision behind ‘Emerging Pakistan’ is to highlight select booming sectors of Pakistan’s fast growing economy. The sectors in focus for this platform include those that have received the largest amounts of ‘Foreign Direct Investment’ including Power, Construction, Oil & Gas, and Transport. In addition, the ‘Finance & Business’  sector along with ‘Pakistan’s Arts & Crafts’ and Pakistan’s Exports’; primarily Textiles, Rice, Fruits, Vegetables, Leather and Sports Goods. Furthermore, achievements in matters such as ‘Women Empowerment’ and ‘Philanthropy’ will also be highlighted through this platform.

To this end, the launch of ‘Emerging Pakistan’ was announced via a press meet in Karachi. Speaking at the press meet, Secretary, Ministry of Commerce, Mr. Mohammad Younus Dagha, said ” Emerging Pakistan is a precursor to the 10th edition of Expo Pakistan 2017 being organized by The Ministry of Commerce & TDAP, Government of Pakistan in 2017 from 9th to 12th of November, at the Karachi Expo Centre where over 900 buyers from 85 countries are visiting Pakistan to meet with their business counterparts and negotiate business deals in order to meet their import needs from Pakistan on competitive basis. Pakistan started the tradition of holding the Expo Pakistan back in 2005 with a view to bring buyers to Pakistan in addition to helping exporters to display their products abroad. The Ministry of Commerce and Textile of Pakistan continue with their resolve and commitment to reiterate to organize the show. As a result, the Expo Pakistan has now become a flagship trade event of the country, and is now part of trade calendar of the world.  We hope to achieve greater success this year especially with our launch event showcasing the best Pakistan has to offer in the form of an infomercial screening; highlighting industry, tourism and culture along with picturesque landscapes and landmarks of Pakistan”.

‘Emerging Pakistan’ will be launched at an official event in Karachi this November 2017. The event will host an infomercial screening; highlighting industry, tourism and culture along with picturesque landscapes and landmarks of Pakistan. Followed by a fashion showcase and musical concert by icons of the respective industries.

The official launch of the platform will be complemented by the International Expo slated to be held in Pakistan from 9-12 November 2017.

In its efforts to promote the progressive side of Pakistan to a wider audience, ‘Emerging Pakistan’ further aims t extend its reach globally by taking the platform to different countries in the near future.