Pakistan’s biggest science exhibition in terms of scale, size, impact and quality, The Dawood Foundation’s Magnifi-Science Exhibition 2017 came to an end today with the hope for educational reforms with more focus on science education for development of the nation. The exhibition drew a crowd of over 50,000 during three days.

TDF Magnifi-Science Exhibition is the country’s largest platform that brings corporations, academia, entrepreneurs, students, teachers and the general public together to promote science education and critical thinking amongst the youth.

Speaking on the occasion the provincial minister for education and literacy Mr. Jam Mahtab Dahar said, ‘Initiatives such as The Dawood Foundation Magnifi-Science Exhibition corelate with the vision of depart of education and literacy of encouraging students in pursuing science as their main field of interest.’ ‘I would like to congratulate The Dawood Foundation for successfully organizing this mega science exhibition. We hope that this trend is continues at all levels of our society’ he added.

The exhibition has gained immense popularity due to the interactive exhibits, activities and scientific games for children of all ages to enjoy and learn from. Prominent members of National Assembly, Ali Raza Abidi and Saman Jafri as well as other dignitaries from various walks of life also endorsed the exhibition with visits today.

The 3 day Science exhibition is Pakistan’s most prevalent science gathering that includes number of scientific experiments, professionally developed exhibits and innovations under one roof. The idea behind the Science exhibition was to instill the importance of the subject of Science amongst students. The attendees came from all across Sindh including Thatta, Badin, Umerkot and other districts. Thousands of energized students were seen at the event eagerly roaming through the exhibits to see some of the most surreal experiments that were made by specialists and prominent corporations that were present.

The TDF 2nd Magnifi-Science exhibition also aimed to give importance to innovation, critical thinking and creativity. The participants were pushed to think out of the box and the results left visitors amazed. The students were introduced to 4 main themes including Basic Science, Science of Technology, Earth Science and Health Science.

The exhibition also welcomed a huge number of public and private school students from all backgrounds irrespective of age, gender or class. It was extremely necessary for TDF to have attendees from all segments of society so that government students and private students can be given equal opportunities to learn. The TDF Magnifi-Science exhibition aims to encourage other schools to implement similar activities in the future as there is a dire need for equal standards of education for all.

Speaking about the event, CEO TDF Ms. Sabrina Dawood said: “It has been an incredible journey, TDF Magnifi-Science exhibition has surpassed our expectations this year as we have managed to draw an even bigger crowd than last year and we hope to continue this quest of promoting the culture of Science education in Pakistan. Each participant, visitor, volunteer of Dawood Public School dedicatedly worked to put up this grand exhibition with a single aim of rekindling the love of science in our youth.’