Mountain Dew strikes again! The fifth edition of Dew Moto Extreme, Pakistan’s biggest stunt show kick-started in Karachi at the Expo Centre. Mountain Dew makes sure the event gets bigger and more extreme each year. Last year we witnessed amazing bike stunts, and this time the action was amped up by bringing cars into the mix. The stunts of our favorite daredevils created a spectacle in the stadium and the audience went wild.
The Dew athletes performed unbelievable stunts through the night! There was Dallan Goldman, Fredrick Frog Bergren and Nick De Witt on FMX bikes. The audience was left in awe as they flew over the arena and pulled off mid-air somersaults, leaps and jumps.
A new Dew athlete, Stacey Lee May, the queen of car spinning was introduced to the audience at this event who hung out from the window while driving the car and it was still spinning! This was the first time that a female athlete was seen doing incredible stunts in Pakistan.
Then came in Mike Skelton and Jim McFarlane who created a tornado of smoke with drifting cars as the tires burnt the ground in circles. As if all that wasn’t enough, our host VJ Shehzad even became a human obstacle as the cars went around him and stopped right an inch away from him.
The event also featured performances by Ali Azmat, AUJ and Kashmir the band. The musicians took center stage and amped up the night with their powerful vocals. They got the audience more pumped up and the sight of the crowd raising their hands to the sky and dancing along the music was spectacular. If that was not enough the night ended with a spectacular view of fireworks.
Dew Moto Extreme will be traveling across Pakistan touching upon 5 major cities. The next show is scheduled to take place in Multan on 26th September, 29th September, Islamabad on 5th October and Lahore on 12th October.