It was a fun filled exciting get-together at The Body Shop store at Dolmen Mall, Karachi recently where media and A-list celebrities had gathered for the launch of two new exciting products: The new 100% vegan Body Yogurt Body Care Collection and its new Face Mists.

Glam girls Nadia Hussain, Sarwat Gillani and Zhalay Sarhadi sampled the new products and spoke about their love for the brand. Nadia opined that she was familiar with ‘The Body Shop’ products and had been using myriad of its products over the years, while Zhalay enthused that she loved the mists and would want to use them on a regular basis and Sarwat quipped that she liked and was inspired to use the Almond Milk Body Yogurt.

At the conclusion of the evening, pretty gift hampers with samples of the two new products were generously gifted to the celebrities and media who kindly attended the glamorous event.

The cruelty-free Body Yogurts (in a refreshing gel-cream formula) – all made with Community Trade organic almond milk sourced from Mañán in Alicante, Spain – absorb in 15 seconds and working on damp skin, provides 48 hours of lightweight moisture and are available in Six Sensorial Scents: Strawberry, Mango, Almond Milk, Moringa (Rwanda),British Rose (Herefordshire) with Banana (Ecuador) as The Body Shop’s special edition product for Summer.

The best way to use Body Yogurts is on damp skin right after you shower because the hyaluronic acid and glycerin will help attract and seal in moisture to your skin. Body Yogurts deliver moisturization for 48 hours, but can be used as many times a day as you want, for hydration without a heavy feel. The Body Shop Body Yogurts are ideal for everyone.

The 100% vegan, make-up friendly Face Mists are enriched with Community Trade nature ingredients and leave skin feeling hydrated and instantly refreshed, perfect for summer season and are available in Five Exciting Variants to lift one’s skin mood throughout the day: Mandarin Energising; Mint Mattifying; Coconut Calming; Strawberry Smoothing and Rose Dewy Glow.


‘The Body Shop’s strategy is to search the world for the finest ethically-sourced ingredients to create a collection of naturally-inspired beauty products. As part of their Enrich Not Exploit™ Commitment, they made it their mission to enrich their products and the planet by working fairly with their farmers and suppliers and helping communities thrive through their Community Trade program; being 100% vegetarian and always and forever being firmly against animal testing. All Body Shop products are vegetarian and vegan with the focus shifting more towards vegan.

A vegetarian beauty product is a product that is free of any animal-derived ingredients that are obtained as a result of animal slaughter. It can include animal-derived ingredients that do not involve animal slaughter, such as honey, beeswax and lanolin. A vegan beauty product contains no animal ingredients at all, including honey, beeswax, milk, eggs etc.

With its global Forever Against Animal Testing (FAAT) campaign, ‘The Body Shop’ has teamed up with Cruelty Free International to call for a total ban on animal testing in cosmetic products and ingredients, everywhere and forever. To achieve this, they will take 8 million signatures to the UN and call for an international convention that will standardize laws. Animal testing on cosmetic products and ingredients remains a problem around the world and animals continue to suffer! Approximately 500,000 animals are used in cruel tests for cosmetics purposes every year!