Nadia Hussain excels at whatever she does and, boy, she does a lot of great stuff. From modelling to mothering and from acting to running business, Nadia is one big success story

Nadia Hussain, the wonder woman, has literally been there, done that! There’s hardly anything left that the girl has not dabbled in. From modelling to acting, footwear brand to lawn and prêt line, beauty clinic to salon you name it and the diva’s done it all. With the launching of her Nadia Hussain Salon, she has finally decided to bring it all under one roof.

“When I had started my designer line — NH Pret — I had thought of keeping a rack in a corner of the salon. But soon the brand grew; I was selling my creations online also so it just kept on growing. But with the passage of time and the arrival of my fourth baby I had to put it on the back burner for the time being as I did not have the time for taking it further. I am currently focusing on my salon. My mother manages the salon on a daily basis while I make sure to be there too. If there are bridal appointments that are specifically for me then I am there personally. I manage my time my own way and make sure that I strike a balance in both my personal and professional life. If it’s a cosmetic procedure that needs to be done then I give appointments for the evening once I’m done with the kids’ school and homework.”

Nadia’s is a full service salon where she is also offering cosmetology treatments. Having acquired her certifications in cosmetology from American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, Nadia is fully geared for taking on any and every client desirous of a cosmetic procedure. The clinic is within the same premises as the salon so it’s a very suitable arrangement for this energetic entrepreneur.

An expert in her work, we ask Nadia if she has herself ever opted for Botox, fillers or any such cosmetic procedure. “Oh yes, whenever I feel I need to fill out a specific spot on the face using a filler or Botox, I do so myself,” shares Nadia. And who can be a better brand ambassador than herself with a glowing complexion and baby fresh skin Nadia is as beautiful and as slim as ever which makes it hard to believe she is a mother of four children. How does she do it, we wonder? “There’s nothing specific that I do. However I do watch what I eat. I take a good balanced diet and drink lots of water to keep my skin fresh and hydrated. Also, I take regular facial treatments for clear skin.

For the hair since it tends to get damaged a lot because it’s always being styled for shoots, shows, etc,  I take mythical oil treatment which makes a lot of difference,” shares the beautiful belle.

And what about her slim and trim figure?

“I’m blessed. I don’t gain weight easily. However, I believe it’s very important to have some physical activity in your life. I do both yoga and aerobics. When I feel I need to reduce my weight I stop having roti. I rely a lot on fruits especially grapefruit. I switch to a high protein diet as that helps in shedding a few pounds. To stay fit is actually a frame of mind. You have to realize and accept that one needs to work on one’s body to keep it at its optimum. Health and fitness has always been on the top of my agenda for which I now plan to include the services of a nutritionist at the salon,” she shares.

All this while she adeptly takes care of all her kids’ needs. Shadal is the eldest aged 11 years 6 months, Shanzay aged 9, Sasha aged 4 and the youngest Sherdad will be turning two years old in a couple of months.

Nadia sure is one of the most doting showbiz moms around. “I take the children to school, pick them up I put in school duty hours needed at their schools – in fact I’m involved in all their activities. Mothers often come up to me and admire the fact that I’m always present beside my children. When it comes to homework I sit them down daily and help them with it. From my older one to my youngest, I’m there for them all the time,” she shares. “Once I’m done with them then I attend to the salon.”

How does she manage to do it all is a question that is foremost in every woman’s mind. “I have a very good support system. My mother plays a pivotal role in my life even today not just as someone who helps me with my work but also as a doting grandmother to my kids. My husband Atif and my in-laws are also very supportive. I can always bank on Atif. He is extremely supportive of my career. I plan my work related assignments in advance to ensure all aspects are taken care of. If I have a fashion week coming up I ensure that I tell Atif of my schedule so then he takes care of the kids, their homework, daily chores, etc,” says Nadia who has it all worked out meticulously.

Not many men would be comfortable with the idea of an independent working woman and that too in the media with hordes of admirers. On the contrary most would be daunted by a successful woman of Nadia’s caliber. But not Atif! “My hubby is perfectly cool about it. In fact he enjoys the attention I get whenever we go out. As far as the male admirers go, I have such a persona generally that I repel cheeky men so if any guy has to come to take pictures with me, usually they are very polite and Atif doesn’t mind at all,” she laughingly reveals.

She has always admired her husband’s strength of character and devotion which are the reasons why she married him. Rarely will you see such a picture perfect showbiz family and when you come across such a rarity you can only wish them all the happiness in this world.