Renowned beautician/stylist Raana Khan is a celebrity make-up artist who has made a name for herself within a short span. Known for her deft touch she is the fashion industry’s undisputed choice for shoots and shows alike. Pakistan Life Illustrated recently caught with the pretty girl and asked her to share some quick make-up tips for girl on the go…

Q: Please share tips for makeup that will last?

A: Follow these three tips for lasting make-up:
a)Use a primer. You won’t regret the few seconds it will take to smooth on a primer, which goes on after moisturiser but before face makeup. Like house-paint primer, it provides a smooth base for whatever goes on next.

  1. b) Opt for a bronzer. Bronzer makes your eyes look brighter, your teeth whiter — everyone looks better with a little warmth added to their skin. To keep the results looking fresh and natural, I would recommend applying bronzer just to the high points of your face, where the sun naturally hits you: forehead, cheekbones, chin, and nose. (Covering every nook and cranny is what gives you that fake, baked look.)
  2. c) You can even swap foundation for tinted moisturiser. These sheer formulas look and feel airier on skin and are less likely to turn cakey.

Q: How can we avoid eye liner from smudging?
A: Use a liquid liner because it doesn`t smudge eyes. MNY’s waterproof liquid eyeliner is good.Put concealer on your lid to prepare it so that your pencil eyeliner will adhere to your eyelids better. Freeze your eyeliner in the fridge for 10 minutes before applying. This way, the line you create is crisp and the eyeliner doesn’t melt on your eyes throughout the day since eyeliners are made mostly of wax.

Q: What kind of an eye liner should we opt for, for best results?

A: Always pick waterproof or budge-proof eyeliner. Kohl eyeliner looks subtle and natural but they’re only good for the lower lash. Kohl eyeliner is also great for tight lining. For upper lash line however, liquid eyeliner or gel eyeliners stay on better. Moisturise before putting on your makeup if you don’t have a face primer. The stickiness of the moisturiser will make your makeup adhere to your skin.

Q: What’s the best way of applying eye-liner?

A: Do not apply very thick layers of eyeliner, the excess will smudge. Apply your eyeliner in two strokes; one from the middle to the outer part of the eye and one from the middle to the inner part of the eye.  Apply the eyeliner to a clean face with a bit of moisturiser and make sure that your eyes are not oily. The oil glands on the eyelid do produce oil throughout the day so use a blotting paper to blot out the excess oil or your eyeliner will find a way to transfer onto your lid.

Q: How can we ensure makeup looks fresh the whole day?

A: Dust a bit of powder over your eyes after you finish applying the eyeliner or eye shadow. Spray some refreshing spring water or makeup finishing mist on your face after you finish applying your makeup. Not only will this help make your makeup stay put but your face will look dewy and fresh throughout the day.

Q: What’s the best method of applying foundation for long lasting results?
A: The most important thing is to use a minimum amount of foundation and then blend it in nicely. Start with a thin layer of foundation, then build if you want more coverage. A very thick layer of makeup is more prone to slide off your face throughout the day because it just can’t adhere as well to skin.Start applying foundation in the center of the face, then blend it out toward the edges with sponge, being careful to avoid your hair, but getting it close enough to not leave a visible edge there. Watch out for your jawline, too! Starting in the middle of the face and working your way outward helps avoid these problems, creating a more natural look.

Q: How and when do we apply the concealer?

A: When it comes to concealer, application is fairly straightforward. With your fingers, a brush, or a wand applicator, gently dot concealer on the areas you want to cover. Pat the concealer in place, making sure not to drag it over skin. As with foundation, start out with a light amount, then build to get the coverage you want. Pat the concealer in one direction, repeating this step until it sets. Don’t use a back-and-forth or rubbing motion, as this basically just wipes concealer away as soon as you apply it, leaving you with spotty to no coverage.