The monsoon rains may have ended, but the flooded areas remain deprived of healthcare to date. SHINE Humanity launched its mobile urgent care clinic on January 19, 2023 at Comm 3 in Clifton, Karachi, to address this issue and provide primary healthcare to inaccessible rural areas.
This clinic will travel to far-off areas where flood victims have been displaced or where primary health care is unavailable, and will remain there for a while to provide services such as qualified doctor’s consultation, diagnostic testing, and free medicines to the needy people.

The clinic has been generously donated and supported by The Aziz & Razia Dharamsey Family Foundation. The Dharamsey family foundation is an avid supporter of SHINE’s cause and has previously donated two vehicles for the transportation of staff, along with a SHINE primary healthcare clinic in Sujawal. They will also be supporting another urgent care unit, which will be ready by the
end of January 2032. This urgent care unit, being a clinic on wheels, serves the sole purpose of being
accessible to the population residing in the rural outskirts of Sindh, where there is an absence of a qualified doctor and high-quality free medicines. This clinic will be operational from January 22, 2023, starting with service provision in the Thatta district.

SHINE Humanity has 12 clinics, including this urgent care unit, and additionally holds free medical camps, all of which provide services in the districts of Thatta, Sujawal, Malir and Dadu. Its mission of providing quality primary health care to under served communities has been at the heart of its operations since 2013.