Thinking about getting back in shape, here’s the latest from the world of fitness. ROAR is your local, functional fitness center established on international standards, based on Yoga, Cross-fit style etc. Located in Khayaban-e- Bokhari, it is the place to be at.

ROAR is not just another gym but a community aiming to enhance the well being of people in a non traditional way. They don’t have machines to build muscles instead they utilize the client’s own body to develop and strengthen the muscles. Believing in value for money the management of ROAR is not charging any extra registration/membership charges presently.


Functional fitness is all about navigating the physical challenges that everyday life throws at us thus improving our capacity for performing routine activities. Whether it’s squatting, reaching or just standing with better posture, it can form the groundwork for lifelong health. Lack of functional fitness can make life more arduous and less enjoyable.


Strength without size: A great characteristic of neuromuscular adaptation is that you can get stronger without getting heavier. The coordination between muscles and muscle systems also allows the body to spread the load among muscles. This distribution of work creates less stress on any one muscle, reducing the need for a specific muscle to adapt and get bigger.

Performance Benefits: Functional training can focus on and improve any sport skill. The single-leg exercise that addresses locomotion teaches the hamstrings and glutes to extend the hips and stabilize the body,

Increasing running speed: Boosting cutting ability in field sports, and improving single-leg jumping in court sports. The level-change exercises that target jumping and lifting improve two-leg vertical jump height as well as lifting mechanics. The pushing and pulling exercises enhance punching, swimming, and throwing. Finally, the rotational exercises improve swinging, changes of direction, and rotational power.

Functional training differs from sport-specific training by focusing on the application of functional strength to a sport skill—such as the coordination of various muscle systems—not necessarily the sport skill itself. At IHP, Santana has helped train hundreds of elite athletes since 2001, including Olympians, NFL players, world-class tennis champions, and MMA fighters. “In essence, functional strength allows an athlete to apply strength to a sport skill,” he concludes. “It’s the best and most progressive way to improve athletic performance.”