PINE (People’s Incubation New Enterprise) held its first Startup Pitching Session recently. Besides the investors, CEO’s and Board of Advisors a large number of famous personalities also attended this event. Young Incubates of PINE presented their startup pitches to a panel of judges, investors and the leading individuals from Pakistan’s Entrepreneurial Eco-system System.

Erum Masood, the Founder introduced PINE by saying, “Pine Global brings together the expertise of professionals in the field of engineering and finance and focuses on contributing to startup infrastructure in Pakistan. The aim is to develop the Entrepreneurial ecosystem and increase jobs in Pakistan.”

The young entrepreneurs joined the PINE incubation program last year in November 2019. The incubates came with innovative ideas were trained, based on Commonwealth’s Youth Entrepreneurship Policy and mentored by successful entrepreneurs and leading professional. The mentors and trainers are experienced professionals from the fields of advertising,social services, financial markets, E-commerce and fintech.

The young entrepreneurs spoke about their business plans. The business plans offered solutions to everyday problems and some offered great social impact. Team Tehreer of PINE offers a platform that provides education to all. Noman Faisal and Wajahat from PINE Incubation offered solutions to everyday problems,through mobile applications while also creating a massive social impact by creating employment opportunities. Moazzam Maqsood had a complete business plan that revolved around motivation for leading a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Zaki Rashidi from Iqra University also attended the PINE Startup Pitch and offered constructive criticism to the young entrepreneurs. Dr. Faheem Bukhari also joined PINE at this occasion and offered expert advice.

Ayesha Zaheer, CEO Injaz and Mentor PINE, appreciated the efforts and the hard work of the incubates, She said’ “These incubates have worked hard and the brilliant pitches, show their efforts and hard work.”

The Board of Advisors from PINE heard and encourage these startups by offering their expert advice. The group of BOA including; KanwerAnwer Saeed,from Ascend, Fatima Ali, a banker and entrepreneur, Atif Osmani from RMJM Osmani Group and Adnan Faisal, CEO FHM Pakistan, offered support to these aspiring new businesses. “The concept of some of these startups is good, a good funding opportunity could lead to a very successful business.” Kanwer Saeed.

Sir Rehan Ateeq, Director PINE Global, and CEO Shajar Capital appreciated the efforts of team PINE, the trainers and the mentors. He congratulated the Young incubates for the completion of the first module of Incubation. He stated that, “PINE provides aspiring entrepreneurs with a starting point. It is a great platform for young startups and even to those individuals who are in their ideation stage.” Arif Osmani Director PINE and CEO, Osmani & Co. expressed his support to the young startups.

Samira Omer expressed her appreciation for the initiative taken by PINE, “Pine is a very inspiring initiative. I am looking forward to working with these future leaders. These young minds should be encouraged. This will help the economy.”

Ahmed Tanveer, from a leading E-commerce firm said, “I think it’s an excellent setup that’s enabling the youth of the country.”

Fatima Ali, a banker, who is an entrepreneur herself,appreciated the hard work done by the startups and said,“Some wonderful ideas put up as the startup pitch by the enthusiastic teams with the help of PINE.”

PINE’s mission is to stimulate the establishment and growth of new and emerging startups by helping them gain access to mentors, training, shared space and professional assistance that will move them on to the fast track to success. Pine aims to contribute to job creation and enhanced economic health in the region. A special note of thanks was presented to Sushil Ram, Programme Manager- Youth Development at the Commonwealth Secretariat for supporting PINE as a Board of Advisor. PINE is now introducing its accelerator program and will also start with its second batch of incubation soon.