First of all we hope that all of you had a lovely Eid and Independence Day celebrations gelled into one this year.
A few hours ago, from the world of showbiz and entertainment, Mahira Khan has come in the limelight again – this time, being criticised for her wanting to play a role next to Bilal Abbas Khan. Mahira’s desire to play a role with an actor younger than herself has sparked an array of critical parley on various social media platforms and news channels. So much so, that it even came up on a late night talk show on ARY Digital.

Mahira is under fire from some for expressing her desire to play a character opposite a younger actor. Surprisingly, this comes as a shocker in the well illustrated world of Pakistan showbiz because when we look in the past a lot of actresses including Sameena Pirzada has played similar roles with male talent like Faisal Qureshi (more than twice their age – without age shaming). None were crticised for it. An apparent reason is that, the awareness of the web was not to the level in those days as it is now.
Coming back to the subject, there has been a cascade of posts on social media making fun of the talented Mahira regarding the same. Fahad Mustafa in Waseem’s show was vocal in taking sides with Mahira while cleverly not dissing any posts at the same time. He revealed his thoughts siding Mahira’s wish.
We completely forget the foreign flicks we enjoy much when they cast older actresses next to younger actors. And there we all love it without commenting on them much. So, If Mahira has shown her keenness in working with a younger actor why do we create so much fuss – loud thinking. What remains to be seen is if Mahira would get her wish.