Earlier we brought you the sizzling news regarding Mahiras desire to act with a younger actor but it doesn’t end there. Her dancng at a friend’s wedding – namely Babar Zaheer – got her some more heat as many proclaimed Jamal’s statement well suited her. On the contrary Mahira has once again remained silent without paying any heed to posts criticising her, dancing her heart away accompanied by Hania and having a good time with her friends. Whatever, has transpired at the make-up artist’s engagement has brought Mahira further critical comments on the internet.
The video shows Mahira’s dance at the occasion. Good or Bad, she wanted to dance and danced she did. The engagement as can be seen was a jolly affair with Pakistan showbiz glitterati showing up at the occasion.
Criticising Mahira is only getting her further popularity in a way. And as the critics go on we witness Mahira carry on with her life without the slightest ado from her side. We at Pakistan Life Illustrated would like to sum the issue up as ‘some like it hot, some like it cold, some like it in the pot and that’s the way showbiz goes’.
Do let us know how you find Mahira’s touted or criticised dance at the engagement. We love your feedback.