The market today is so inundated with skincare brands that it’s extremely difficult to make the right choice. Add to that a whole lot of chemically created potions and the customer is lost in the sea of products not knowing who to trust. It is at such a juncture that skincare brand ILYNN made a grand entrance in the world of skincare brands.

ILYNN launched its premium skincare collection in a star-studded gathering at Movenpick Hotel, Karachi. The event introduced the brand’s much awaited naturally derived, paraben-free skincare range, complemented by ILYNN’s futuristic, first-of-a-kind customisable skincare experience.

The brand promises to create a holistic skincare experience so that the Pakistani market evolves from being simply product-centric. The skin regimen finder on ILYNN’s e-store personalizes product recommendations and combinations after understanding each client’s unique requirements. ILYNN also offers expert lifestyle advice for better skin to each of its clients, based upon consultations from its global aesthetic partners and co-creators.

The event starred a panel discussion, titled “The Future of Skincare”, and was joined by Dr. Mucio Porto (Leading Global Aesthetic Surgeon) from Brazil, Dr. Lt/Col (R) Ishrat Abuzar (member American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine), Nadia Hussain (leading national model/actress and entrepreneur) and Naiha J. Eiman (social media influencer). The panel discussed prevailing issues in the skincare market of the sub-continent and how brands like ILYNN are carving a Way Forward. Dr. Porto felt that the introduction of naturally derived products was a great step towards changing the skincare market in Pakistan and Abroad.

Nadia and Dr. Ishrat agreed that parabens are harmful products that may cause serious illnesses, and the introduction of paraben-free products by ILYNN was a great step. Naiha focused on the importance of being comfortable in one’s own skin, regardless of its color and said that ILYNN was effective in its use and made her more confident in her skin.

The event was attended by business leaders such as Aqeel Karim Dhadhi and S.M. Munir; members of the media; medical community; prominent politicians; and social media influencers.