It’s really difficult to get hold of the dusky charmer we know as Isheeta Mehboob. Busy as she is, we finally managed to pin this beautiful girl for a tete-a-tete. Born in Dhaka, the Bengali lass has not spent much time there. Soon after she was born her parents decided to migrate to Pakistan. Once here, her father set up his own business and Pakistan became her home. “I have spent my childhood in Karachi. It’s my hometown, the city that I love the most.” She does have relatives in Bangladesh but that doesn’t feel like home to her. “I was not a naughty child, rather I was very shy. My parents were extremely loving but strict and they always kept a close eye on me.”

The only child of her parents Isheeta’s childhood was spent under the strict observation of her parents. “My parents raised me as an independent and self reliant child and I respect them for that. I love them greatly and enjoy a beautiful relationship with my parents.” Her early years as a student were spent in Karachi trying to maintain decent grades. Always a dreamer, Isheeta would dream of making it big in the showbiz industry. Little did she know that she would actually live that dream. A student at DHA Degree College for Women, Isheeta was doing her Bachelors in Arts and Psychology, subjects that had always interested her. However, rather than studies, Isheeta was more inclined towards extra-curricular activities and dramatics. “I got into the field of acting in the year 2002 while an intermediate student. I guess I was born to be an actress and was quite an actress even in my early school days. The little drama queen,” she mirthfully reveals.

She was also somewhat of an attention grabber at her institution courtesy her multiple piercings. The teachers were aware of her area of expertise and whenever a strong character in a play came up Isheeta would be the obvious choice.

Her student life memories are of focusing all her energies on acting in college projects. She loved to dress up the part and rehearse till perfection would set in. A stickler for details she the only way of doing things for Isheeta was doing it to perfection. Besides dramatics, whatever free time she had she spent it training for karate and basketball. “I loved sports and could never get enough of it. I am a green belt in Karate,” she proudly reveals. Good to know that this sultry beauty is more than just a pretty face… what’s more, she can also protect herself from the big, bad wolves in our society! Literally.

It was during her college days that she got her first break in the professional world of show business. While still in college she came across an Ad for pretty girls to apply for a beauty pageant, just the kind of thing that would catch Isheeta’s eye. Wanting to be a part of it she applied and got selected. “It was Face of the Year beauty contest organised by Zohaib Hasan in Karachi and I participated in the same. That was my first experience as a model and boy, was I thrilled by it. It was one of the best experiences of my life and I wanted to explore the avenue further.”

Her career took off from the contest as she was noticed by director Sohail Javed’s assistants who were there to cast a new face Noori’s song video Suno keh Mein Hun Jawan. “The video was actually my launch pad and my first appearance on television.” And don’t we know how exhilarating the ride can be. Isheeta was hooked. She knew she wanted more of the same and would not settle for less.

That set the ball rolling for our girl. The music video got her noticed. People wanted to know who this dusky charmer was and wanted to cast her in their celluloid projects.

“Although to be an actor was what I desired the most, however I liked modeling too – both print and television commercials. I have worked for some of the best brands as a model but all along my heart was into acting. I stated getting acting offers and I excitedly accepted what was coming my way. Of all my projects Ek Nai Cinderella, aired on Geo TV directed by Haissam Hussnain was one of the most challenging ones I have done so far. The entire serial was shot in the woods… we spent day after day in the jungle which was great fun. Working outdoors amidst nature has its own charm. I got to experience being in a world that we generally do not experience,” she animatedly shares.

Her character in Ek Nai Cinderella was that of a step-sister Zaini. She plays the wicked step-sister who harasses and dominates the elfin Meesha. Isheeta’s portrayal of Zaini was quite wicked which means she sure did a great job. For an actor to be loved or hated by viewers for the character that they are portraying gauges their success as an actor. And Isheeta did not fail. She came out a winner in the end.

As far as her favourite serial goes it has to be Aseerzadi. Isheeta’s portrayal of the meek yet intelligent wife Yasmeen in Aseerzadi made her a darling with the viewers. She managed to gain the love and sympathy of her fans with her poignant acting skills. “Aseerzadi is one of my favourite plays to date in terms of storyline and also the fact that each character had played its part beautifully. It was an amazing project,” she enthuses.

Isheeta has no favourites when it comes to her co-stars but she does like there to be a connection between them. “I like to work with actors who give you a good, timely reaction. For an actor to give her best it is very important for timing to be correct and that you can only ascertain if your co-star has good reaction time. My favourite co-stars would be the ones who are better actors than myself. When working with better actors you always end up learning other techniques and methods of acting.” Isheeta’s dream role would be one that’s, “Action packed! I would love to get trained in martial arts and kick boxing for a role – that’s something I have yet to do.”

All you directors, producers you need look no further. Here’s the girl you’ve been looking for, for that action packed film! She’s your karate kid who can also become an expert in martial arts. Films are definitely another genre that Isheeta is game for provided she finds the kind of role that gets her going.

Isheeta is not one to talk much about relationships but the one thing that she is certain about is the importance of friendship in a relationship. “It has to be friendship before anything else. The rest follows. What’s love – I love everyone. I love everything and everyone God has created. So one should look for friendship – period!”

She recently wrapped up an ongoing project Sila and is currently in vacation mode. She simply wants to chill before signing on any other projects. “I’m looking into a couple of scripts and hopefully should sign one soon. I have many plans of taking on the world. I would love to do a lot of social work as well, our country needs it.”