In the world of beauty it’s very rare that you will come across immaculate beauty. The canvas has of course got to be there, the basics – good proportionate features and good skin/complexion – but there’s someone else who plays an integral part in lending perfection to that canvas – the makeup artist. It’s the makeup artist who can play wonders in creating the right look – the look you have always desired. And one such makeup artist who plays wonders with her creative hands is the uber-talented Angie Marshall. Known for her skillful transformation of even the simplest of girls into the most beautiful, Angie is no less than a wizard in her field. One of the most sought-after names, she has come a long way since her rookie days as a ‘shampoo girl’ in her mother’s salon.


“It all started at my mum’s salon where my first job was as the shampoo girl. Mum used to go to the salon so it was only natural that I did too, straight from school. Although I was spending all my spare time at the salon, yet I never thought I’d end up having my own. Gradually, I started doing manicure, pedicure, waxing – all the services and I was developing a clientele as well. I was greatly inspired by beauticians like Leslie, Shaheen Rahim and of course my mother,” recounts Angie about her initiation in the beauty business.

Being a good art student in school, Angie soon mastered the art of makeup and had started working on brides. Once school finished, Angie had time before college commenced. Wanting to make the most of her spare time she started learning shorthand and typing and did a secretarial course as well.

She then worked at a couple of international firms as a secretary. Having worked at the salon and at various multinational firms Angie now wanted to experience something different. “So I decided to join my parents in Sri Lanka who were already there because of my dad’s business. I got myself enrolled in a few hair and makeup courses. Besides that, I also took up flower-making classes and ended up taking up a job at Duty Free at the Lego store. I was young and exuberant and wanted to explore.” However, after a year Angie felt restless.

“After some time I got bored with life in Sri Lanka. There wasn’t much to do for a young girl so I decided to come back to Pakistan.”

“Once back I told my mother that I wanted to do something of my own. And it was in the mid 80s that I opened up Angie’s Salon in Defence Phase 5 (Khadda market). It was a rented premises; I was paying Rs 500 as rent,” she smilingly recalls. “My parents helped me set up my salon. My dad got me two hair dryers, one air conditioner, a few ordinary chairs, two stations and whatever stuff that was not being used at my mum’s salon constituted my entire salon,” she mirthfully shares.

Not one to be complacent, Angie now wanted to be equipped with the latest in the beauty business – hair and makeup. It was in 1981 that Angie went for her first training to England. By this time she was already quite established and had managed to save some money.

“I told my parents to take me abroad as I wanted to take up some refresher and other courses. So off we went to London where I got myself enrolled at Vidal Sassoon. Next, I got my makeup skills honed at the Complexions London School of makeup. After six months of training I headed back… Eversince, there’s been no looking back – literally,” enthuses the gifted beautician.

As soon as Angie was back, she felt the pressure from her parents to get married. But how could she when she was still waiting for the perfect suitor! “I was rejecting proposals left, right and centre until Mr Ken Marshall came along,” she smiles. Bowled over by the handsome and well-educated Ken Marshall, Angie knew she was ready to take the next step. The fact that Ken was looking for a friend, a companion rather than someone who could take care of the house was also one of the reasons that had Angie decide in his favour.

Now with the support of an encouraging husband Angie was buoyed to do even better than ever before. What followed next was a flurry of activity – a very busy salon interspersed by the frequent international refresher courses.

“I believe in staying abreast of changing trends so I have ensured that I attend as many international courses as possible whenever I get a chance, even to date. I have been to Germany, Canada, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Dubai and England to name just a few.”

After nine years of marriage, Angie and Ken were blessed with Nicholas – their bundle of joy.“Life changed completely for me – Nicholas was our precious baby and I decided to take a back seat for a couple of years. Although I was working throughout this time, I was taking things slow,” recounts Angie.

In 2003, she went to Singapore for Asia and Pacific Hair and Beauty Show and won a trophy for the most outstanding performer. Angie has been teaching makeup and styling as a free lance trainer for almost every leading and reputed brand throughout Pakistan. “Since I started my salon, I have been training people to be professional makeup artists and stylists who are all currently working with leading salons or started their own businesses. I also conduct grooming sessions for the corporate sector.” Add to that Angie’s master-classes and you have a sure winner!

It was in 2011 that a surprise awaited Angie. Someone approached her saying they had heard great things about her work, about her professionalism and they asked her if she would like to be a part of an international event – Ms Universe pageant?

“I was taken aback and initially did not actually believe it – I thought it was a prank. Then Mr Sajjad Naqvi CEO of Pharmako Pakistan met me and said that Farouk Systems USA, makers of (Chi and Biosilk) were looking for stylists from around the world for the upcoming pageant and wanted to see my work. I met them and the ball was set rolling. They loved what they saw. And the next thing I knew, I was on my way to Brazil. I was nervous because this was huge. It was a beautiful and memorable experience for me. It was a good opportunity for me to show the world that Pakistani females are empowered, modern, educated and talented. They are forward thinking.”

Angie got to work with the crème de a crème at the Miss Universe pageant. “I had dressed up Miss Philippines, who was the third runners up – she was one of my favourites. Ms Sri Lanka, South Africa, in fact all the girls were a delight to work with as were the stylists. I feel sad to say that very few of our girls are of that calibre. Their manners, punctuality, the way they speak to you, body language, posture, their humble attitude all make them a pleasure to be with,” shares the animated Angie.

In 2012 Angie was off to Delhi with TDAP as chief stylist for Lifestyle Pakistan. Again a very good experience representing Pakistan in a new environment, she feels.

Next was a trip to China, again with TDAP. “We did a show with 17 Chinese models, all dressed in Pakistani style. Although language was a huge barrier, yet we managed to understand each other using sign language,” she laughs.

Some of the other shows Angie has been a part of are IDEAS 2016 fashion show; Uroosul Bilat fashion show 2017; a fashion show in Manchester in 2018 and most recently IDEAS 2018 Arms for Peace gala dinner.

With her impeccable hard work Angie is greatly acclaimed both at the national and international level. She has bagged quite a few awards for her services rendered to the field of beauty and aesthetics. She won the outstanding performance trophy in 2003 in Singapore besides many media awards for best hair and makeup and various awards over the last few years. She was one of the First 100 women of Ponds Miracle Journey and was recently awarded for not just promoting her mentee but helping her realise her dream in the Ponds Miracle Journey.

Here’s wishing this epitome of style and success the very best in life.