The Ace Junior Golf League (AJGL) marked its inaugural inclusion in the prestigious Pakistan Golf Federation (PGF) calendar. The inclusion was facilitated by Hamid Zaman, who extended an invitation for the AJGL to host a junior match during the flagship JA Zaman Memorial Tournament.

This strategic collaboration has positioned the AJGL as a key player in the nurturing of young golf talent nationwide. The tournament witnessed a record-breaking turnout, with 67 AJGL junior golfers registering and 51 participating, marking the highest junior participation in not only the event’s history rather on any calendar event.

The AJGL’s unique approach categorizes junior golfers by age without handicaps, ensuring rigorous training that aligns with international standards. Categories range from Birdie (6-10 years) to Elite (18-21 years), with varying playing distances to challenge and develop young golfers.

Notable winners included Aliha Amjad, Mahnoor Sayid, and Aanabia Waqar among the girls, and Rehan Asif, Rayan Faraz, and Shahzain Iftikhar among the boys, each demonstrating exceptional skill and promise in their respective categories.

Mr. Hamid Zaman’s support extends beyond this year’s event, committing to make the AJGL a staple of future championships. This reflects a deep-seated dedication to fostering grassroots golf development in Pakistan.

Dr. Asma Shami, Head of the AJGL Board of Directors, expressed immense gratitude towards the Zaman family for their support, emphasizing the league’s potential for growth and its pivotal role in shaping the future of Pakistani golf. “Mr. Hamid Zaman has graciously acknowledged the value of Ace Junior golf league. He has the farsightedness to realize the importance of promoting juniors, the future of golf in Pakistan,” Dr. Shami stated.

Lauding the role of AJGL, tournament organizer Aahyan Mumtaz said: “Having started as a junior golfer myself, I recognize the importance of promoting the game at an early age if we want to build talent to represent Pakistan in the future. The initiatives, such as the Ace Junior Golf League, which are working towards nurturing talent, need to be supported and encouraged. Dr. Asma Shami’s relentless efforts are duly recognized and supported for promoting the game of golf amongst youngsters and Ladies.”

Sharing his views, Bilal Zaman said: “The family of JA Zaman is proud to welcome the record-breaking, enthusiastic participation of AJGL’s junior golfers in the 10th JA Zaman Memorial Golf Tournament. The family believes in encouraging our youngsters to take up sports on a professional level and to hone their skills in order to successfully represent Pakistan on the international Golf circuit.”