Dawood Global Foundation in partnership with Ocean Mall & Tower celebrated Pakistani women with dynamic women entrepreneurs and professionals of the LADIESFUND Network. Held at the Ocean Mall, the reception featured 20 different women speakers who shared their stories to inspire others and celebrate the strength and empowerment of women, as well as acknowledge the great economic contribution of Pakistani women. Up to 18,000 visitors to the mall shared in this emotional and heartfelt experience of listening to the voices and stories of Pakistani women who had triumphed and were pursuing their dreams.

Eminent Fashion Designer and trailblazer Amir Adnan was the guest speaker as part of LADIESFUND’s continued #HeForShe theme. He spoke about the importance of gender equality and the empowerment of women and also shared the role of women in his success that how his mother was an inspiration for him.  He shared memories of speaking at the LADIESFUND Entrepreneurship Conference 2012 and being a part of the LADIESFUND journey for so many years and how LADIESFUND has empowered and advanced Pakistani women for the past 10 years.

“Men and women together must celebrate and promote women advancement,” stated Amir Adnan, “and I’m here to support this and applaud LADIESFUND’s role in this.”

Leading philanthropist and make up guru Masarrat Misbah was the night’s special guest. She spoke about the struggles she has faced in her life and shared the moment which motivated her to help the acid attacked women in Pakistan.

“I still remember when a girl walked into my salon in a burqa. Thinking she was a beggar, I told her to come back the next day. It was only after she removed her veil, I saw a face decimated by an acid attack and the woman asked me to “fix her”, stated Masarrat Misbah. This started a journey for Ms. Misbah that has transformed the lives of so many women through her Smile Foundation.

Other speakers included owner of FM 91 Sara Taher Khan, owner of Phenomena Pomme Gohar, jewelry designer Nazneen Tariq Khan, fashion designer Huma Adnan, stylist Mona J., Firefly Creative Director Varah Musavvir, among others.

Anadil Khan chaired the event and LADIESFUND’s Mehwish Ayyub welcomed guests. Attendees at the event included the COO of Ocean Mall Alia Sajjad, Designer Nadya Mistry, owner of Scentsation Asma Mohsin, Simeen Tapal, Talat Hashmi, Nazli Abid, Jahanara Khan, among others.