An active and healthy lifestyle is the motto for 2019 and that’s exactly what Wheatable preaches with it’s initiative of Wheatable Cycling Marathon. This event commenced from Dolmen Mall Clifton at a bright and early 6:00 am where a large number of cyclists showed up in support of World Health Week.

The event welcomed individuals from all walks of life, celebrity trainers including Muhammad Wasif, Bilal Munir, Maha Hussein, Dosti Zehra, Mustafa Totana, Rizwan Noor and celebrities including HiraTareen and Noor Zafar Khan. It was refreshing to see the enthusiasm and support from the participants and it was overwhelming least to say.

Wheatable is all about boarding an active and healthy lifestyle and instilling this attribute as a way of life. The biscuit is high in fibre, concentrated levels of saturated fat, sodium, carbs and a low amount sugar. Continental Biscuits has a wide range of variety for all its consumers and Wheatable is one such brand that focuses on health and fitness and an active lifestyle.

To have such healthy activities and making everyone, especially the youth aware of the importance of health and fitness is both important and necessary. We hope to see such fun activities at a greater frequency and congratulate all the winners of the event. Looking forward to round 2 soon!