December 20, 2019 marked the official launch of the white nicotine pouch brand Velo Pakistan. Held in the outskirts of Karachi city, the launch party was attended by the who’s who of Pakistani entertainment industry, all of whom looked ravishing.

The decor of the event included a thematically fitting blue carpet and a massive chair wall which also perfectly served as the photo wall. One could find a Glam Booth inside where one could get a 180 degree photo Gif shot, while posing to their heart’s content.

People could be seen dancing on the floor or simply enjoying their Velo pouches.

The act of the night was an aerial hoop dance performance by Filipino performer Faith. Everyone from Nadia Hussain to Frieha Altaf to the face of Velo Pakistan Sheheryar Munawar watched in awe as Faith twirled her body in and around the hoop up in the air.

The party continued till the wee hours of the morning… even then celebs continued pouring in including model Abeer Rizvi, Abeera Habib, Zhalay Sarhadi, Hira Hussain and producer Sadia Jabbar.