Hasan Rizvi is dizzy with the success of his upbeat ditty Turn up the Music Mr DJ – the second video of Cornetto Pop Rock 2 (CPR), titled by Qurram Hussain better known as Q, staring the phenomenal Hasan Rizvi and stunning Ayesha Omar. “Turn Up The Music Mr DJ, is different in many ways for me,” shares Hasan Rizvi. “First of all it’s a music video directed by blockbuster movie director, Wajahat Rauf. Secondly, it’s the first time I’ve been choreographed by someone else – Wahab Shah. Lastly, it’s the first time Pakistan has seen a modern-local-pop number that you can dance your heart out on!”

Turn up the Music Mr. DJ is a true party song with a video that will make you want to dance along. Ayesha Omar and Hasan Rizvi are a lively couple in the video who have an argument. Qurram being a mutual friend sings to bring them together. Perfectly relatable to the youth and their everyday life, the video brings a wave of nostalgia for those who are done with college life, and reminds them of the good old days with no care in the world.

When we ask Hasan to share his experience with Ayesha Omar… is she a natural dancer or did you have to work on it, we query. “The poor thing worked really hard on this project. With her fractured shoulder she had to put in twice the amount of effort and sometimes even rest to give it a break. On set she was a real sport about it however, it limited her movement on one side.”

“Working with Qurram is always an absolute pleasure. He’s such a down-to-earth star that he makes you feel like you’ve known him forever. He works really hard and loves what he does, two qualities that every singer should possess.”

Talking about his latest venture Cornetto Pop Rock 2, Hasan apprises, “We initially thought of CPR to be the revival of live music but it became much bigger over time. The appreciation for the music videos, live performances, digital auditions, etc. has been overwhelming – A platform truly for the youth of Pakistan!”

Makeup for the music video has been done by Omayr Waqar and styling by the seasoned stylist Ehtesham Ansari.When asked, what next, pat comes the reply “Currently we are focusing on the PR side of things. Corporates are loving us and we are loving bringing the mirch and masala to their lives. Lot’s coming up stay tuned!”