LADIESFUND Energy (Private) Limited, KFW DEG Impulse and developpp held a landmark sustainability training for 125 women including 85 female engineering students on “Reducing Carbon Footprint.”

The comprehensive training was led by Zehra Aneek, Head of Sustainability & Climate Change at EY, with a focus on Reducing Carbon Footprint and implementing Local Solutions for a decarbonized future. Solutions span microgrids for renewables, tailored mobility solutions for and by women, thrift and recycled clothing initiatives, circularity led by women, plastic management, and disaster preparedness.

“It was wonderful to train the future climate female leaders of tomorrow. LADIESFUND Energy initiative is a huge doorstep towards the net zero climate-transition of Pakistan, an organisation led and run by the women of Pakistan. I congragulate the team and look  forward to continue contributing meaningfully to the LFE,” stated Zehra Aneek.

LADIESFUND Energy (Private) Limited, KFW DEG Impulse and developpp have come together to empower empower female engineers and engineering students towards a greener future. This strategic partnership marks a significant stride in fostering sustainable development and nurturing the next generation of engineering trailblazers.

The training also emphasizes Pakistan’s trajectory towards building climate-resilient, inclusive, and sustainable human settlements, spotlighting projects like the SINDH Flood Housing endeavor as a flagship global adaptation project.

Key initiatives highlighted include:Promotion of circular economy and reduction of plastic leakage, Recharge Pakistan, aimed at transforming flood and water resource management, Commitment to achieving 60% renewables in the portfolio by 2030, A commitment to 30% adoption of electric vehicles.

LADIESFUND Energy reiterates its dedication to upholding human rights and fostering a culture deeply rooted in respect and sustainability. This commitment is bolstered by a robust Code of Conduct governing interactions with stakeholders and employees, ensuring an environment free of bias or prejudice.

As a frontrunner in advocating sustainable energy practices and inclusive growth within Pakistan’s energy sector, LADIESFUND Energy, in collaboration with KFW DEG Impulse and developpp, actively drives change and addresses pressing challenges through innovative collaborations.

This strategic alliance between LADIESFUND Energy (Private) Limited, KFW DEG Impulse, and developpp underscores a shared commitment to empowering future engineering leaders and propelling sustainable change. Together, these entities amplify efforts toward a more inclusive and prosperous future for all.