Pakistani rising star Raafay Israr, known for his debut single ‘SAJNI’ and his spectacular live performances all over the country, has recently come out with a beautiful track ‘Beliya’, which has already got music aficionados hooked on to it.

The video can be viewed on:

Beliya is an acoustic slow, mellow song speaking of love in all its glory, composed and sung by Raafay Israr, and has been getting amazing response all over media. The executive producer of the music video released is Mahnoor Sheikh and the female lead in it is Azekah Daniel.

Raafay is a singer, songwriter and performer best known for his song ‘Sajni’ that was released in April 2018. He began singing and learned the guitar at a very young age and soon started performing in his school shows. Mentored by the legendary Benjamin Sisters, he was just a teenager when he formed a band and started performing in local concerts in Karachi. His outpouring of creativity has resulted in nearly 300 live shows all over the country within just four years.

Speaking on the occasion Raafay Israr said, “Music is not just work for me, it’s my passion. I believe one can achieve their dreams easily if they are consistent with their work. I am overwhelmed by such an amazing response on both my songs. A big thanks to all my fans for such a startling response and for being immensely supportive. I have another surprise lined up for you all right after Eid!”

Judging by the reception this video has received it is not surprising that people are yearning for more, and anxiously waiting for his next music video, which is also due to be released very soon. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours as well.