BBRC proved itself once again by presenting one of the toughest and meanest fitness challenges, none other than the BMO Challenge season 5! The event was hosted at L’ecole, 8:30pm with our certified judges whose temple is the gym. The names of these tough skinned and certified trainers included Wasif Muhammad, Bilal Munir, Nusrat Hidayatullah, Mustafa Jamshed, Mustafa Totana, Amal Sarwar and Fuzzy Faruque. There were over 200 participants and the event was truly a huge success.

Challenges  –    Winner

Loaded Legs – Adnan

Min Amrap( Burpee& Pushup) – Athar

Thrusters – Saad

Longest Squat Hold – Marium Rasool

Pushup Challenge – Rizwan Noor

One Legged Plank – Sajid

Tapal Green Tea Challenge – Daniyal

BBRC is a renowned fitness studio that started roughly 8 years ago offering a range of classes for people from all walks of life. These include, Zumba, Yoga, BMO High Intensive Training and Dance for choreography and fitness. BMO (Body Makeover) a high intensive training programme is conducted by the resilient, dedicated, the fitness guru himself, Wasif Muhammad. He alongside Hasan curated the 5th season for BMO Challenge bringing the fitness fraternity together and encouraging others to adopt the fitness lifestyle.
The challenges were tougher, the contestants were pumped and the energy levels were booming sky high. The event was sponsored by some notable brands that included, Tapal Green Tea, Wheatable, FM91, G- Shock and L’ecole. Such events encourage lots others to come forward and jump on the bandwagon of a healthier lifestyle. We look forward to the next season!