Being mother is all about loving, nurturing and caring. Being mother is all about giving yourself up for the needs of those incredible extensions of you. It is all about living your life for someone else. It’s a wondrous relationship that can never be fathomed. That is who a mother is!

Honouring mothers was thus, what Frieha Altaf of Catwalk Productions wanted to do and what could be better than Mother’s Day to tell that superwoman in your life how much you love her.

Catwalk  Event  Management  and  Productions  held  its  first  ever Mother’s  Day brunch  in  collaboration  with  Marcel’s to honour mothers  and their greatness.

The  brunch  was  attended  by  designers,  socialites,  media  personalities  and  celebrities  including Bushra  Ansari, Meera Ansari,  Zeba  Bakhtiar,  Sonya  Husyn,  Sunita  Marshal,  Zhalay  Sarhadi,  Maheen  Khan,  Asad  ul  Haq, Shaniera  Akram  along  with  their  families – to  name  a  few.

The event included an awards ceremony led by  Frieha  Altaf, recognising the strengths  and  courage  of  mothers.

Guests  indulged  in  a  delicious  selection  of  food  items  from  a  specially  designed  menu  for  this  auspicious occasion. Aside from the delectable savouries, yummy sweet treats and desserts were also  available  for those with a sweet tooth. Marcel’s gave  children  a  chance  to  choose  their  favourite  flavour  of  the  famous  gelato.

It was just last month that Marcel’s opened  its  doors to food connoisseurs bringing  the  taste  of  two  cities,  specializing  in  freshly-baked  croissants,  over  a  dozen  types  of  breads  baked  fresh  three  times  a  day,  eclairs,  macaroons  among  other  mouth-watering  products.  The hot  kitchen  menu  is  a  fusion of  flavours  from  Paris  to  Karachi  and  everything  in  between.

Not only  was  this  Catwalk’s first  Mother’s  Day  event  but  they  aim  to  continue  celebrating  Mother’s  every  year.

The  event  was  sponsored  by  P&G,  Soya  Supreme  and  Hilal.  Delightful giveaways were provided by Daraz, Sana Safinaz, AlKaram, TCS Sentiments, Asim  Jofa, Movenpick and Scentsation.

The PR was managed by Catalyst PR and Marketing.