Quaid-i-Azam Mausoleum bathed with Pink lights on 17 October 2019 in support of Pink Ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. Pink Ribbon is dedicatedly working for 15 years to raise awareness for the prevention of Breast Cancer and to provide advocacy and healthcare services to the patients and potential victims.

Pink Ribbon is doing Pink illuminations since 2012 because Pink landmarks give a wonderful visual reminder that every woman should be aware of Breast Cancer. Through the illumination of these iconic structures, we can aware millions of people across the country that will automatically save thousands of precious lives.

“We are honoured to illuminate one of the most sanctified places in the country,” says Mr Omer Aftab, chief executive of Pink Ribbon Pakistan. Mr Omer Aftab requested the chief guest “First Lady” Mrs Samina Alvi Shahiba to come forward and press the button to turn the Pink lights on.

First Lady expressed her views about the issue of breast cancer. She said, “The prevalence of breast cancer in Pakistan is the highest among all the Asian nations and the major cause is people’s reluctance to accept it as a serious disease which ultimately causes the higher rate of mortality due to Breast Cancer.”

Talking to the media, Mr Omer Aftab mentioned that Breast Cancer is killing more than 40,000 women per year and the prevalence of breast cancer is very high in Karachi and Sindh. So, we are arranging these kind of events to draw the attention of women and young girls towards the early detection and prevention from breast cancer. As the saying of our great Quaid that “No nation can rise to the height of glory unless your women are side by side with you.” It is our national responsibility to take care of the women’s health issues so they can live healthily and play their role in the progress and prosperity of Pakistan side by side to men, Omer added.

Before the closing of the ceremony, Mr Omer Aftab appreciated the officials of Karachi Chapter of Pink Ribbon, Mehnaz Nadeem, Maliha Bhimjee, Tehseen Valjee, Simeen Tapal, Hina Zaffar Rahamatullah, Lal Majid, Mariam Ehsan Malik, Arshiya Khan and Asma Hassan, for their dedication and contributions for the cause. He further thanked Master Molty Foam for sponsoring this event.