People’s Incubation New Enterprise (PINE) organized an open forum for young entrepreneurs of Pakistan to encourage and inspire them. PINE is a business incubation initiative under the collaboration of the visionaries; Rehan Ateeq and Arif Osmani. This event was held at the Osmani House (Osmani & Co.), supported by Roots- Tesco Pakistan.
Erum Masood, Founder of PINE Incubation welcomed Panelists and Guest speakers. She said that today’s youth is our asset and the best investment we can do is to empower them through our experience, the information shared and above all the values to grow and prosper
A very diverse group of guest speakers were invited to talk to encourage and inspire young entrepreneurs. The guest speakers included, Mr. Adnan Faisal, CEO-FHM Magazine stated in his speech, “Start. Start big, start small, but do something.”
Sanya Zahid, the founder of Sugar Shack said, “Passion is very important, taking things forward with my studies gets a bit difficult but this is what I want to do. If you want to do something you keep at it and make it work.”
Hasan Waheed, an HR professional focused on the 5 B’s of Entrepreneurship, “To be successful you have to focus on these 5 B’s of entrepreneurship; be prepared, be informed, be aware, be brave, and most importantly be you!”
Sarosh Khan from the banking sector contributed, “ Focus on networking, networking is the key to success. Be a good listener, so when you speak, they listen
The discussion revolved around startups and SME’s and how the ecosystem needs to be developed. While everyone seemed to agree that there are a lot of opportunities and areas that need to be explored there are challenges that young and new entrepreneurs face when they try to enter the industry. As stated by Shaz Shahid, Project Lead – Pine, “Pine provides a platform to these young entrepreneurs, where their startups are incubated. We have mentors and trainers to guide you every step of the way.”
The guest speaker session was followed by an open panel discussion. The young participant with their own innovative startups presented their products and had lots of questions for the team of mentors of PINE, who were also present at the Young Entrepreneurs Forum imparting wisdom.
Such open forums for promoting entrepreneurship in the younger generation are important to create awareness and enthusiasm. It was an excellent opportunity for the attendees to discuss their plans with the experts in the industry. The entrepreneurs also had the opportunity to register for the Pine Global incubation.
The Registrations for their incubation are open till the end of October for all young entrepreneurs. People with innovative ideas and entrepreneurial mind-set can register on their website. Pine aims to assist startups to start and to successfully run, their own ventures by providing training in developing business plan models and mentoring from the related industry giants.