This year, Coke Studio takes its viewers on a journey of discovering untapped talent and unheard voices from the vast cultural soundscape of Pakistan. Coke Studio, the biggest and leading music platform in the country, will be doing this through a brand-new module called Coke Studio Explorer. Spearheaded by Zohaib Kazi and Ali Hamza, Coke Studio Explorer digs deeper into the cultural DNA of Pakistan to deliver the most authentic sounds from across Pakistan.

Coke Studio Explorer will air in July 2018, prior to the release of Coke Studio Season 11. Coke Studio Explorer takes us on journey from the remote mountains of Kalash to the scenic valley of Muzaffarabad, through the deserts of Sindh and the landscapes of Balochistan, and finally making its way into the walled city of Lahore. Coke Studio Explorer is the first documented log of the journey that Coke Studio takes to discover singers, sounds and stories that would otherwise go unnoticed; better still, it has provided these artists with the ideal platform to pursue their dreams.

“Coke Studio Explorer is a story of people and resilience. It sparks the broader conversation of diversity and language. The program is centered around a number of hugely talented and driven musicians whose songs will do Pakistan proud. It is driven by our desire to help put the genre of folk amalgamated with the urban sounds of the country, on an international landscape. We travelled across the country with our laptops and mobile recording system, in the hope to truly capture the essence and spirit of music across the country. It was important to record each artist in their own spaces; where they were most at ease. With Coke Studio Explorer, we hope to discover, archive and narrate these songs and stories in an urbanized 2018 soundscape. We hope Coke Studio Explorer will help foster more love and amity and unite people using the tremendous power of music.” said the producers of Coke Studio Explorer and Season 11.

“Coke Studio Explorer has been created as a natural and progressive chapter to the continuing legacy of Coke Studio – a decade strong music platform that is credited as among the most influential and expansive musical collaboration and fusion projects in the world today, born out of Pakistan. Upholding the values of togetherness, unity, passion and pride, Coke Studio Season 11 comes at a time when this message is exceedingly relevant. This year Coke Studio endeavors to spread the message of hope, optimism, vibrancy and love through music, moments, interactions, languages, artists, instruments, exploration and exchanges that Coke Studio represents.” said Mr. Rizwan U. Khan, General Manager, Pakistan & Afghanistan Region.

This year Coke Studio aims to reinterpret the very roots upon which the platform was initially built. It is a recognition of change and exploration. It is a celebration of culture and diversity.