Looking for a breath-taking experience! Go watch Chalay Thay Saath an aesthetically pleasing movie with spell-binding locales – lush green valleys, mountains, streams and lots more. Director Umer Adil and Producer Beenish Umer of We  Think  Films  in  association  with  Hot  Water  Bottle  Films  premiered  their  feature  film Chalay Thay Saath in Karachi at Nueplex Cinema last month. The  film’s  premiere  which  took  place  in  Karachi  was  attended  by  notable  socialites, members  of  the  fashion  and  entertainment  industry  along  with  corporate  personalities  and esteemed members of the press including; Aamina Sheikh, Ali Kazmi, Alishba Yousuf, Asim Reza,  Bilal  Ashraf,  Ehtesham  Ansari,  Faiza  Saleem,  Gohar  Rasheed,  Hira  Tareen,  Mikaal Zulfiqar,  Mohib  Mirza,  Shahroz  Sabzwari,  Shamoon  Binzubair,  Sehrish  Khan,  Shehzad Sheikh and Shehryar Munawar just to name a few.

Chalay  Thay  Saath  is  a  romantic-drama  film  which  has  been  directed  by  Umer  Adil, produced  by  Beenish  Umer  with  Sheikh  Shiraz  Mubashir  as  the  Executive  Producer.  The ensemble  star  cast  includes  Syra  Shahroz,  Kent  S.  Leung,  Behrooz  Sabzwari,  Mansha Pasha,  Zhalay  Sarhadi,  Shamim  Hilaly,  Osama  Tahir,  Faris Khalid  and  Sherbaaz  Kaleem. Chalay Thay Saath is a feel-good film that depicts a journey of growth, friendship, love and loss, set in beautiful Gilgit- Baltistan region in the north of Pakistan. The film revolves around the  character  of  Resham; a  doctor  who  is  on a  trip  home  with  her  friends  who  have  never been there before.

Speaking about Chalay Thay Saath Film Director Umer Adil and Beenish Umer, Producer of  Chalay  Thay  Saath  have said, “Chalay  thay  Saath  is  a  story  of  friends  on  a journey together, a physical journey as well as a more internal one of self-discovery. For both of us as Director and Producer, Chalay Thay Saath has been a journey of love, blood, sweat and tears – our  heart  and  soul  have  gone  into  this  story  and making  it  come  alive  for  the  big screen. We hope to bring to the  audience  a  feel  good  film, loveable  characters, a  heartfelt  story  set  in  a  mesmerising backdrop of the gorgeous Gilgit-Baltistan region. We urge the Pakistanis out there to give it a chance and to go watch the film.”

With  debutant  filmmaker  Umer  Adil  and  Producer  Beenish  Umer  behind  the  vision  of  the motion picture the modern romantic film had Nabila Salon  as  the  motion picture’s  official  hair & make-up partner  along  with  Palwasha  Yousuf for  wardrobe  styling. The  script  for  Chalay  Thay  Saath  has been  penned  by  Atiya  Zaidi, Sabina Islam  of  IMGC  as  the  official  global  film distributor  and  all  media  management  and consultancy by OUR Solution.