Hilal Care established the Bold Men Awards as a platform to celebrate individuals who make Pakistan proudwith their brilliant work; people whose work shows dedication and growth. Starting in the month of March 2019the awards will be conducted on a national scale through Bold’s Facebook page. The audience will have the chance to vote for their favorite nominees and the winners will be chosen via viewers’choice.  Hilal Care launched Bold®body spray three years ago, and has since become Pakistan’s leading Gas Free body spray with its unique gas free formulation.Bold® body spray has a higher percentage of long lasting fragrances, handpicked after extensive research. Being gas free Bold® is a dual usage product and can be used on the body and clothes. Undoubtedly Bold® Body Spray is the best choice for consumers compared to other body sprays available in the market.

Building on its success and keeping true to its vision of being a Men Care brand providing high quality products related to men’s grooming, Bold® has now expanded its portfolio by introducing a brand new range of face washes and fairness cream.

Bold® Face Wash is available in three variants; Insta White, Hydra Boost and Oil Control.

The benefits of Bold®Insta-WhiteTM face wash include instant fairness and brightening of the skin tone. Its licorice extracts help in brightening skin, while vitamin B3 helps reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin E helps in reducing dark spots, impurities, dirt and grime.

Bold®Hydra Boost TMface wash deeply cleanses your skin and hydrates it while Bamboo Charcoal detoxifies and absorbs skin impurities, by lifting dirt and oils from deep within the pores. Menthol gives a refreshing effect.Bold®Oil Control face wash prevents acne and maintains skin oil balance.The Tea Tree oil removes excess oils from skin, Japanese Knotwood alleviates temporary redness or discomfort. Salicylic Acid treats acne and prevents further breakouts.

Bold® Insta WhiteTM Fairness Cream has a unique 6X fairness system which is specifically developed for men.It providesan instant fairer look, reduces dark spots, provides sun protection, offers oil free moisturization, cleanses, hydrates and brightens the skin tone.

Two salient features of Bold® Fairness cream include Insta White PeptideTMwhich helps in skin tone brightening and Sun Protection Factor 30 (SPF 30) which makes it an excellent sun screen.

Faisal Munshi, CEO Hilal Care, commented, “Bold®was conceived as a Men Care brand and with the expansion in our product range we have moved another step in this direction. I am extremely happy that this year’s Bold Men Awards will be taking thisplatform to the next level, making it bigger and better. We are proud to honor these talented men and will continue to do so every year.”

Stay tuned for more updates as the awards progress.