Bodybeat Recreational Centre, better known as BBRC, held Body Makeover Challenge 3 at Bodybeat Recreational Centre. It has been the third in its series of Body Makeover Challenge. The first took place in September 2016 while the second was held in April 2017.

Body Makeover Challenge is the platform that brings fitness trainers from all over Karachi to compete for various fitness challenges and prove their strength. The challenges and their judges for Body Makeover Challenge 3 were handstand pushups judged by Hydro Fit Team, staticsquat judged by Team My Gym, pushup challenge and pistolsquats judged by Team BBRC, plank one leg lifted by Team AQYoga, one minute curlup judged by Team Club-M, and headstand pushup judged by Team BBRC. The winner for each challenge received a Ticket to Dubai, sports bag and G-shock watch while the event was sponsored by Wheatables and G-Shock.

Bodybeat Recreational Centre is a dance and fitness studio based in Karachi. Being a pioneer in its category, BBRC aims to build a platform bringing all the fitness pioneers together. It is through this platform that it aims to educate the fitness buffs of all the options available in Karachi. BBRC believes in fitness awareness as different people have different goals and BBRC aims to provide the best programme to each and every individual.