An exciting competition marked the UMA Seaworld Basant Scramble Golf Tournament 2018 which was played here at the Karachi Golf Club on Saturday.

A total of 28 teams participated in the UMA Seaworld Basant Scramble Golf Tournament with the quartet of Cdre Ali Abbas, Cdre Arshad, Sqn Ldr Mansoor Ali and Abdur Rehman winning the gross title with a score of 61 (-11). There was a close contest for the gross title with the team of Rear Admiral Ather Mukhtar, Cdre Ghazanfar Abbas, Brig Qasim Changezi and Yashal Shah finishing as the runners-up with a score of 62 (-10).

In the net category, the team of Anjam Parvez, Capt Ansar Mehmood, Captain Anwar Khan and Tabassum Sharif won the title ahead of the quartet of Capt Shahid Masood, Faiz Badar, Captain Tahir Naveed and Saad Rana.

The other prize winners included Abdur Rehman, Abdullah Akram, Tabassum Sharif, Maleka Majid and Cdre Obaidullah.

The teams consisting of four players apiece got into action simultaneously with a gun-shot start on the Red and Yellow courses of the KGC.

Sponsored by UMA Seaworld, the one-day tournament was one of the highlights of the Karachi golfing season.

Sohail Shams, CEO United Marine Agencies

“We at UMA have always supported golf,” said Sohail Shams, CEO of United Marine Agencies – the sponsors of the tournament.

“We are really pleased that the tournament turned out to be a big success with over 100 players taking part in it,” added Shams, who is himself an avid golfer.

After the tournament, the participants took part in a Basant Festival which included kite-flying, food stalls and other festivities.