An interactive and informative bloggers meet-and-greet session, ‘beauty meets fitness’ was arranged by makeup and beauty guru, Mona Jamal, popularly known as Mona J at her salon recently.

Mona J, looking absolutely stunning, welcomed guests and high-profile beauty bloggers. She began by briefly introducing herself and her work and followed it by welcoming yoga instructor Hasan, who took centre-stage to educate bloggers about the co-relation between fitness and beauty.

Next, he conducted a therapy session and discussed and demonstrated facial massage techniques. Mona then shared her expertise with regard to makeup, skincare, fitness, and tips for generally looking good. An interactive Q & A session followed with bloggers interacting with Hasan and Mona.

The evening came to an end with refreshments by No whey yoghurt and special giveaways by J. given to the attendees as a token of appreciation.