Recently, the gorgeous Atiqa Odho surprised her fans by hosting her first jewellery exhibition in Islamabad which was quite a hit. A workaholic by nature, Atiqa has never known a dull moment in life. If it’s not acting or production it’s her eponymous beauty brand that takes up all her time. Add to that a beautiful family, kids, her campaign on raising breast cancer awareness and you have Atiqa Odho’s life in a nutshell.

She is more than just a pretty face, and very pretty at that. Her Greek Goddess good looks first captured the nation’s attention in Anwer Maqsood’s Sitara aur Mehrunnisa. The audience was ensnared by the insanely beautiful Odho who had charisma and class. She was not only pretty but was a complete package – good looks, well groomed, well-spoken and confident. A new era had begun with the emergence of Odho who gave the message that a woman can be both confident and beautiful. Ever since she has been the sweetheart of television. She has ruled the showbiz industry as well as the hearts of Pakistanis since the last thirty years; and continues doing so to date.

PAKISTAN LIFE ILLUSTRATED caught up with the queen of glamour to find out more about her jewellery designing. Following are excerpts of interview:

Q: How and when did the designer in you raise its head?

A: I’ve always been a creative person so looking for ways to express myself was there since I was a little girl.

Q: Where do you take inspiration from for your designs?

A: My designs come naturally when I sit down with the stones and start to work with them. Natural stones have their own energy and it’s best to follow where they lead you.

Q: Is this something you had always wanted to do?

A: I’ve always love jewellery but what I’m doing in my creations is not just designing unique one of pieces but also adding a holistic healing element to them.

Q: Are you stocking somewhere or taking orders only at this point in time?

A: This is not a commercial venture for me as it’s more like therapy. I am happiest when I’m hand making a piece. Just like painting or knitting. It happens to be developing a following as people come to me for holistic healing stones as well now.

Q: How is the response so far?

A: Response has been very encouraging as when someone wears a piece to help their emotional and physical balance it feels so empowering.

I am delighted to state that as a gem stone artist I take pride in my signature designs that help bring healing and well being to others through elements that nature has already provided for us.

Q: Are you working with some specific gems… Any favourites.

A: I tend to work with stones that have some form of healing elements in them. For instance rose quartz is a great stone to help breast cancer patients. Lapis is great to help reduce epilepsy seizures – the list goes on and on. Going back to nature is so important to me at this stage of my life. Others are excited about this new journey of mine that they are enjoying as well.