“Screenplay” is a creative editorial photoshoot by Mohsin Khawar in which film life is depicted with a particular focus on ‘behind the scenes’ to give a glimpse of how it all works. “We illustrated how actors are transformed into show persons – how they get ready, how they dress up, what the goings on at a shoot are, how sets are created and so on”, explains Khawar.
“The storyline centres on how a female actress is overshadowing and dominating her male co-star suggesting that the future is ‘female’. The shoot shows them all dressed up, ultimately getting in a car and painting the town red. The shoot also emphasises their grooming process which leads to the ultimate ‘transformation’ of both,” elucidates the creative photographer.

Photography: Mohsin Khawar
Set Design & Art Direction: Aysha Mohsin
Talent: Waleed & Farrah
Wardrobe: Rana Noman
Hair n Makeup: Madiha Qaiser