The launch of A Dance of the Souls, written by Faiza Taqi Hassan was held recently in Karachi. This is her first published book and is a soul searching journey of her personal life which once delved deep into, mixes in with the readers perception of finding yourself and searching for the higher power. The interesting thing is that Faiza has not just penned A Dance of the Souls but is also the photographer of the same. A talented young girl for sure!

The launch was held at The Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. Hosted by Khalid Malik, there was a panel of four including the writer, Faiza, Editor Batool Mehdi (Publisher and Editor in Chief, FYI Magazine) published author Nadya Rahimatoola and Shaykh Arif Abdulhussain, a well know Muslim scholar from Birmingham.

Faiza Taqi Hassan, former Senior Editor at FYI Magazine, has also contributed articles to several other leading newspapers in the city. Her work has mostly been about her extensive humanitarian efforts for the Syrian Refugees in Greece and the Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh. The writer holds an Undergraduate degree in English and Anthropology from The University of Toronto, and her passion for Literature and Photography (that is seen in this book), have greatly influenced her work.

A Dance of the Souls is mainly a journey of the self, and in essence her, “soul on paper”. Which is mainly a personal journey of finding herself, and the truth and reality of a human in his/her true form, and the urge to find peace in finding the Higher Power.

As the writer puts it:
“The prayer is a dance of the souls,
My prostration
Being the Ultimate reminder,
Of my state of becoming, of becoming one,
Because as I sink into the ground,
I soar once again”
Books will be available soon at, and Liberty Book Stores