Tuc, a brand that carries a long legacy of being the saltiest cracker in town, launched their TVC at a fun-tastic sundowner recently.   The event was filled with leading celebrities , engagement activities, TUC moments, and obviously delicious TUCtizers. This time round, Tuc introduced a new concept “Blame The Bhook” in their upcoming TVC. Which talk about small slip-ups or wrong things one says at the wrong time and captured this essence through their lead actor Wahaj Ali and Actress Ramsha Khan.

To introduce this new campaign a launch event was held inspired by the #BlameTheBhook concept.  TUC Launch, hosted by Patangeer, was like none other. It was bolstered with instagramable moments like the mood collage booth, the ever-so-cool glam-bot captures on the yellow carpet, the punching booth to release your hunger pangs, and so much more. Everyone’s favourite area, the TUC bar with its delectable TUCtizers, was pure snack indulgence.

The presence of boisterous influencers and celebrities like Ayesha Omer, Ushnah Shah, Urwa Hocane, Gohar Rasheed and a multitude of others clad in TUC Yellow added to the Fun vibes of the launch event.  Chief Marketing Officer Rafey Zuberi along with the main lead actor and actress Wahaj Ali and Ramsha Khan officially launched the new TVC at the event, followed by a melodious performance by  Abdul Hannans  to wrap the event.