Supermodel, actress, diva, mother and a serious showbiz personality to be reckoned with, Iffat Omar of several dramas and entertainment fame is soon to appear on a promisingly bold show created especially for the web.

Catch the Webcast titled ‘Say it All With Iffat Omar’ would be presented on Najam Sethi Youtube official channel, which has been up-till now streaming mostly serious (birdie-styled) talk-shows and the likes. ‘Say it All With Iffat Omar’ will add a touch of glitterati to the channel with its direct approach of Breaking NORMS, Getting to the TRUTH, Bold & Challenging. Catch the biggest celebs on the hot seat answering questions only Iffat Omar can get away asking!

With a sudden mushrooming of streaming online series and talk shows in Pakistan the show is bound to be a hit due to its bold and no-holds-barred nature. Besides Iffat’s illustrious career as a model and actress she has dabbled in all domains of showbiz. Although, being from the initial showbiz batch from 80s and 90s her looks and flair has not faded a bit, rather we see her ever-blooming with time.

Considering the pace of growth of web based projects regarding showbiz and entertainment in Pakistan it may easily be said that online streaming of Webcasts (read WebShows) is rapidly increasing by the hour. ‘Say it All With Iffat Omar’ is yet going to be one of the most welcomed additions to the WebCast arena in our country.

The hype of the show that is to hit the screens from 12th of July (only few days to go now) has already gathered a lot of popularity amongst the masses. We anxiously await Iffat’s appearance in this show. Do let us know how you find the show once it is finally there for the viewers.